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How To Avail Cheap Health Insurance Instantly?
Sep 28, 2020

5 Tips to Help You Avail Cheap Health Insurance Instantly

Has there been any recent medical emergency in your family? Are you simply thinking about the protection of your family? Whatever the case is a health insurance policy is a perfect solution for you and your loved ones. Being a preferred option by many for the safety of their family members, health insurance has extended its purpose to individuals of every age group. With the help of a health insurance plan, every member of the family is safeguarded from a financial catastrophe that can easily wreck their lives. The need for health insurance: Ideally, a majority of Indians invest in health insurance for three main reasons:
  1. To ensure that their entire family utilizes the best possible medical care in case of an emergency
  2. To ensure financial support when a policyholder is unable to pay for his medical treatment
  3. To ensure peace of mind even in times of chaos surrounding emergencies.
Keeping these three main purposes in mind, the insurance companies offer health insurance policies to their customers. Due to their tax deductions under sec 80d and cashless benefits, a majority of policyholders rush to invest in a health insurance plan. When you purchase a health plan, a policyholder ensures not a single penny goes out of your pockets due to the cashless feature. Insurance providers have tie-ups with numerous hospitals that provide high-quality services to their patients in cases of urgent diagnosis. To cater to the needs of every customer, every insurance company presents its customers with a plethora of options to select from. However, it is the responsibility of every policyholder to purchase the plan that offers maximum benefits at affordable rates. Mentioned below are a few tricks to buy a cheap health insurance policy:
  1. Set a budget
Knowing your financial limits is the first steps towards getting a cheap health insurance policy. For that, consider the needs of your family, their age, and their medical background. Understanding the needs of your family will eventually help you estimate the number of funds that will go in the investment of a health plan.
  1. Compare health insurance
After you have set a budget, consider different policies. When you compare health insurance , you’ll know what meets your budget and family needs. Finalize the one that provides extensive coverage and maximum benefits at an affordable rate. The best way to compare policies is by utilizing a health insurance premium calculator to compare directly on the online portal.
  1. Invest in a family floater
To avoid wastage of funds, it is best to invest in a family floater plan provided by a reputable insurance company. Availing a family floater from a credible company ensures that you do not have to purchase a policy for each member separately as well as security of the entire family under one roof. The family floater health insurance by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance guarantees ample amount of sum assured for the protection of your entire family.
  1. Buy the policy online
While a majority of customers prefer purchasing the policy offline, they tend to overlook the benefits of online purchase. When you opt for health insurance online, you get it relatively cheaper rate as compared to an offline purchase as you get the option to compare and customize. Additionally, the strenuous formalities of documentation are also kept at bay if you buy a policy online.
  1. Opt for deductibles
The contribution that you make while filing for claims is termed as a deductible. During the claim situation, the policyholder is given the choice to select either a mandatory deductible or a voluntary deductible. Opting for voluntary deductible ensures lower payment of premiums. In simple terms, the higher the deductible, the lower the premium. Now that you know how to buy a cheap health plan for your entire family, what are you waiting for? At, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, we provide our customers with cheap yet the best options for health plans. Our plans not only provide the right financial assistance but also tax savings and cashless benefits that will help you save more. In the end, your health is our top priority that needs to be addressed immediately.  

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