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Cyber Insurance Misconceptions
Jun 3, 2021

Excuses People Generally Give for Not Buying Cyber Insurance

With the increasing use of the internet, cybersecurity measures and cyber insurance policy have become the need of the hour. Safety from cyber-attacks is essential not only for businesses but also for individuals, who use the internet daily from several devices. A cyber-attack can harm you financially, emotionally and physically. While keeping your calm is must if you become the victim of a cyber-attack, having a backup plan like an adequate cyber insurance policy can help you deal with the financial setbacks that are usually accompanied by cyber-threats. However, many people ignore doing this basic investment and suffer due to heinous cyber threats and risks. Here are some excuses people make to avoid buying cyber insurance:
  1. Individuals are not the targets of cyber-criminals -- Most of the people think that it is only the companies and the businesses that get exposed to cyber threats. But in fact, cyber-crimes such as cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber extortion, and phishing attacks are targeted more towards individuals than the organizations.
  2. I do not use the internet to that extent to become the victim of a cyber-attack -- What people fail to understand is that the cyber-criminals do not launch an attack depending upon the duration you spend on the internet. Incidents like any online transactions done by you, uploading a picture on social media sites, clicking on a fraud link etc. can trigger the attackers and you might have to face cyber-attacks.
  3. Buying a cyber insurance policy is difficult -- When you can purchase a whole range of products online, why not a cyber insurance plan? Buying a cyber insurance policy is one of the easiest ways to ensure your safety when you are online. You just need to visit our official website, fill in basic details and avail the benefits of cyber insurance policy by paying an affordable premium amount.
  4. I do not have time -- This is the silliest excuse for not buying a cyber insurance policy. When you are online for most of the day, you can easily browse through the cyber insurance plan details and get a policy for safeguarding yourself from the financial setbacks that a cyber-attack usually causes.
  5. I have firewalls to protect my system -- While having firewall security is very important, privacy breaches and misuse of private data cannot be stopped by just installing the same on your system. Software vulnerabilities in the operating system, insertion of virus-infected hard drive or a phishing attack can bypass the firewall security on your system and thus making you a potential victim of a cyber-attack.
Having a cyber insurance policy is imperative in today’s digital world. We urge you to stop making excuses and purchase a cyber insurance plan to protect yourself from any financial losses that come with cyber threats and risks. We at Bajaj Allianz have launched India’s first Cyber Safe Insurance Plan for individuals, which covers them in case of 10 major cyber-attacks. You can check what does cyber insurance cover and features of this plan on our official website.

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  • B Ravindra Babu - January 29, 2019 at 11:36 am

    A beautiful article with a lucid, simple and effective explanation of facts !!!!

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