In the Long Term, it’s Worth it!

In the Long Term, it’s Worth it!
Oct 28

The other day, I was conversing with a few younger colleagues who are a part of our Group Young Leader Program when a very interesting question came up. They asked me what could motivate a person to stick with an organization for a long time and how I have stuck with my company since its inception. This got me thinking: What keeps a person tied to one organization for an extended period, especially when frequent job switches have become common? The answer is complex, but through this blog, I will try to explain my perspective. There was a time when getting a good job was very difficult, and people used to join an organization intending to retire from it. However, post-liberalization, the job and growth opportunities across industries multiplied by many folds. Now, people have many motivations to leave or join a job, be it money, position, growth, or softer elements like job fulfilment, culture, and mentorship, to name a few. From my experience, it was fulfilling to stick with an organization for a long period of time.

Cultivating In-depth Industry Knowledge: Being a part of an organization since inception allows you to build the company brick by brick. I have always loved building things from the ground up; as a scientist by education, I enjoy experimenting, and creating something from the ground up gives you an immense scope of experiment. I had an abundance of scope to experiment and introduce industry-first initiatives. When your efforts culminate into something unique, you get unparalleled satisfaction. I got the freedom to build level by level, department by department, and redefine norms. As you accumulate years of experience in a single domain, you gain insights that cannot be acquired in a short stint at various companies. This profound understanding enables you to anticipate market trends, spot opportunities, and make informed decisions that drive innovation and success. Your comprehensive industry knowledge sets you apart as a valuable asset and positions you as an expert in your field. Your long-term commitment allows you to spot opportunities that might elude others. You've witnessed industry cycles, observed what has worked and what hasn't, and are better equipped to identify niches and untapped markets. This keen perception can be invaluable for driving innovation and success within your organization.

As you spend more years with an organization, you become an integral part of its growth journey. Your institutional knowledge and historical perspective become invaluable assets during periods of change and transformation. Your input can guide the organizations strategic decisions, ensuring that past experiences are considered in shaping its future trajectory. By contributing to the continuity and stability of the organization, you play a pivotal role in its sustained success.

Building Strong Relationships: Longevity within an organization provides ample time to forge lasting relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients. These relationships form the foundation of a strong professional network, fostering collaboration, trust, and effective communication. The bonds you develop over the years contribute not only to a positive work environment but also to a support system that can help you navigate challenges and seek guidance when needed.

Opportunities for Skill Diversification: I have worked across all departments, right from opening the shutter of the office to keeping accounts, to managing staff requirements, to sales and settling claims; I have done it all. I have worked in various geographies and have headed different verticals. I got the chance to work with doctors, lawyers, forensic experts, data scientists, and automobile engineers; which industry would offer such a wide array of exposure? I am not saying that I would not have had good exposure if I had switched frequently, but I would have had limited exposure to other departments. I got a flavour of such diverse roles because of the time I spent with one organization.

Mentorship and Leadership Opportunities: it is fantastic when someone you recruited and mentored has made it big in their careers. When you see these individuals taking major responsibilities and eventually mentoring others, it makes you feel proud. This is difficult to do in a short stint; this requires building a legacy and being in an organization for a long time. It is one of the most beautiful feelings to build not just jobs but someone’s career and life. Staying with one organization provides a unique platform to take on mentorship and leadership roles. Your long-standing presence makes you a role model for younger employees; you get to offer guidance, advice, and mentorship. This not only fosters a culture of learning and development but also solidifies your own understanding of the industry.

Adapting to Change and Challenges: Remaining with an organization through its ups and downs hones your ability to adapt to change and navigate challenges effectively. You learn to weather economic downturns, market shifts, and internal upheavals, developing resilience and strategic thinking along the way. After a point, you evolve from being just an employee to an entrepreneur, where you take ownership of the organization, which is tough to happen in a short stint. You need to challenge your comfort zone, and if one organization gives you those challenges, then converting them into self-fulfilling and moulding opportunities is up to each individual.

In a world where job mobility is increasingly common, choosing to stay with one organization for an extended period might seem counterintuitive. However, as someone who has experienced the benefits firsthand, I urge professionals to consider the long-term advantages of commitment and loyalty. From cultivating industry expertise and building relationships to contributing to organizational growth and seizing leadership opportunities, the benefits of staying put are numerous. The path of longevity might not be the easiest, but it is undeniably one that paves the way for profound personal and professional growth. Pick your own path, choose wisely, and know that in the long term, it will be all worth it!

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