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Delhi traffic fines: know your penalties
Mar 30, 2023

Delhi Traffic Fines: An In-depth Guide

The national capital of India, Delhi is a city needing no introduction. Known for the monuments, including the world-famous Taj Mahal, the old city with its maze-like streets and the food culture, Delhi is always buzzling. However, Delhi also has a notorious reputation when it comes to driving. Due to the rise in the number of accidents in the state, the Delhi government introduced changes in the traffic fines on the same lines as that of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. If you are living in Delhi or are planning to pay a visit to the city, these are the changes to the traffic rules in Delhi you should know about.

Delhi Traffic Fine: Updated List

As India witnesses a rise in the number of vehicles, the Indian government wants to make sure of addressing this issue and implementing the right solutions. An increase in the vehicles on the road may mean an increase in the number of mishaps. To ensure people follow the rules laid down by the government and to reduce unwanted accidents, the government made amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, majorly in the traffic fines section. These changes were implemented in 2019. Here is the list of changes as per the 2019 amendment:  
Type of offence Vehicle Fine in Rs
Not having a license when driving Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 5000
Not wearing a seatbelt Car 1000
Not wearing a helmet Bike/Scooter 1000 (your license could be suspended as well for repeated offence)
Driving despite being disqualified from driving Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 10,000 (which might also include community service)
Trying to bribe the authorities Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler Fine applicable is twice of what is mentioned in the rulebook
Allowing a minor to drive the vehicle Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 25,000 (with 3-year imprisonment, along with 1 year cancellation of registration) (license for the minor will not be issued before they turn 25)
Not sharing vital information with the authorities Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 2000
Driving a vehicle without insurance Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 2000 for the first offence 4000 for repeat offence
Not having the proper permit for your vehicle Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 10,000 (which might also include a 6-month prison sentence)  
Carrying more passengers than the permissible limit (Riding with more than 2 passengers on a two-wheeler, or more than 5 passengers in a car) Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 200 per extra person
Driving under the influence of alcohol and banned substances Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 1000 for first offence 15,000 for repeated offence (first offence also carries a prison sentence of 6 months, with the sentence increasing to 2 years for repeated offence)
Blocking the path of emergency vehicles Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 10,000 (which might include community service)
Not following traffic signal rules Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 1000 for first offence 5000 for repeated offence First offence carries a 6-month prison sentence Repeat offence carries 1-year prison sentence
Indulging in racing on roads Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 5000 for first offence   10,000 for repeated offence   (the prison sentence for the first offence is 6 months, with the second offence having a sentence of 1 year)
Talking or texting on the phone Four-wheeler and Two-wheeler 5000 for first offence   1000 for repeated offence

Additional things you should remember

If you are living in Delhi or planning to go to Delhi, these additional tips can be helpful:
  1. Make sure your vehicle is insured with the help of vehicle insurance. You get all-round protection from mishaps and compensation for damages caused to your vehicle.*
  2. If you are planning to make alterations to your car, such as to the engine, exhaust or to the lights, it is important that you check the traffic authority’s website for more information. Check which parts are legally allowed to be changed and which are not. Also make sure your car insurance provider covers the parts which have been replaced to avoid any complications in the future.*
  3. Do not indulge in rash driving with your bike. Not only does this endanger you, it endangers the lives of those around you as well. If you are found to be speeding or racing your bike and causing it to get damaged, your bike insurance provider might not compensate you for the damages caused to your bike.*
  4. If you witness an accident taking place, you should immediately assist any injured people as a responsible citizen. If you have any vital information about the perpetrator, make sure you share it with the responsible authorities so that they can take swift action.


To have a smooth and safe driving/riding experience in Delhi, make sure you remember the rules, maintain road safety, and do not make quick judgment calls that might endanger the lives of those around you as well. To have a financial safety net from on-road accidents, invest in vehicle insurance without fail. Customise the policy to enhance the coverage of the policy and enjoy additional benefits with add-ons. *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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