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Learn How to Derive Bike Insurance Premium
Jul 23, 2020

How to Evaluate Two Wheeler Insurance Premium With Our Calculator?

Bike insurance is a facility which allows you to be financially safe, when you suffer a loss/damage to your two-wheeler. With gruesome traffic conditions on Indian roads, bike insurance has become imperative. The chances of your bike getting stolen or being in an accident has increased with the increase in the number of vehicles on the roads. Thus, having a bike insurance is very crucial.

two wheeler insurance covers you for:

  • Loss/damage done to you and/or your vehicle by natural or man-made causes
  • Personal accident cover
  • Third party legal liability


How to check bike insurance online?

Getting a two wheeler insurance quote is a very simple process. You can get bike insurance premium online in no time. The online portals help you to check the different two wheeler insurance premium rates based on your requirements. Once you get a quote, you can revisit the website anytime and retrieve the calculated premium amount as well as the IDV (Insured's Declared Value) of your two-wheeler.

To know two wheeler insurance premium online, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit the online portal of the insurance company.
  • Choose two wheeler insurance renewal or buy option.
  • Select the appropriate option of whether you need insurance for a new bike or you want to renew your existing policy from other company or same company.
  • Enter your basic information like name, contact number, and mail ID etc.
  • Enter the details of your vehicle like its model, engine number, chassis number, cc, fuel type, manufacturing year, registration city etc.
  • With the help of the details provided by you, your premium details will be displayed on the screen. You can increase or decrease your IDV and select the insurance plan for 1, 2 or 3 years to get the final bike insurance premium amount.
  • If you are satisfied with the coverages and the premium amount, then you can proceed to pay the two wheeler insurance premium amount and buy the policy. You also have an option to save two wheeler insurance quote and retrieve it later when you're ready to purchase your policy.

What is bike insurance premium calculator?

Many insurance companies provide an option of online bike insurance calculator, which helps you to calculate the premium for your two-wheeler. This facility is available for all the bikes which are registered with the RTO. All you need to do is provide the registration number of your two-wheeler and your contact information like your name, number, mail ID etc. Once you submit these details online, the bike insurance premium and IDV for your bike will be displayed on the screen.

With your hectic schedules and long working hours at office, it is difficult to find time to visit an insurance office and get your bike insured. The better and smart option today is to compare effectively and avail bike insurance at low prices online.

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