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Benefits of Motor Insurance Add On Cover
Jul 31, 2018

How Motor Insurance Add-on Covers Can Benefit You

A comprehensive motor insurance policy covers you for basic risks that may hamper your financial stability. However, you can enhance the coverage of your basic motor insurance policy by including add-on covers. These additional covers can help you minimize your out-of-pocket expenses further and provide you more benefits than a regular comprehensive motor insurance policy. Imagine this, you are driving with your colleague to reach a client’s office, to attend an important meeting. But unfortunately, you get a flat tyre just after you have left the office building. In such a critical time, having a 24x7 Spot Assistance cover can prove helpful. With this cover, you can get service for emergencies such as repair of flat tyre, jump start for car battery, legal advice in case of an accident etc. from your insurance company. While this is one useful cover, there are a few more add-ons that you should be aware about while buying an insurance policy for your car as well as two-wheeler. Add-on Covers available with your car insurance policy are:
  • 24 x 7 Spot Assistance – This cover is beneficial in case you get a flat tyre or need any kind of mechanical help like jump starting the car battery, repairing of electrical parts etc. while travelling in your insured car. You are also provided any legal help that you might need by your insurance company, if you have been in an accident.
  • Lock and Key Replacement Cover – Losing your car keys is not what you plan on doing deliberately, but what should you do when you lose/misplace the keys of your car? Today’s automatic locks and keys of the cars are very expensive and can surely leave a hole in your pocket if you lose/damage them. Thus, having the lock and key replacement cover is beneficial, as it can indemnify you for the cost of fitting or buying new locks or replacement of keys of your car.
  • Accident Shield – This add-on can cover the people, travelling in your car, in case of their death and/or permanent total disability arising out of an accident. While your comprehensive car insurance policy has the PA (Personal Accident) cover, the accident shield provides coverage over and above the PA cover for owner driver .
  • Consumable Expenses – Certain parts of your car, such as engine oil, gear box oil, power steering oil, coolant, AC gas oil, brake oil, etc., are known as consumable parts. The cost of repair/replacement of these parts, in case of an accident, is generally not covered in the comprehensive car insurance policy. But, with the consumable expenses cover, you can be worry-free, as the expenses of the repair/replacement of these parts will be borne by your insurance company.
  • Conveyance Benefit – Conveyance benefit allows you to claim for per day cash benefit, in case your car is damaged to a great extent in an accident and needs to be repaired in a workshop.
  • Personal Baggage – Many a times it happens that you leave your baggage such as laptop bag, suitcase, documents etc. in the car. It is undeniable that the possibility of these valuable items getting lost/damaged is very high, when left unattended. With this cover, you can be indemnified for any loss/damage caused to your valuable personal baggage kept in your car.
  Add-on Covers available with your Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance policy are:
  • 24 x 7 Spot Assistance – This two wheeler insurance add-on is particularly useful, if your two-wheeler breaks down in the middle of no-where and you need help. Following are the benefits offered by 24 x 7 spot assistance cover:
    • Towing facility
    • Roadside assistance
    • Urgent message relays
    • Fuel assistance
    • Taxi benefit
    • Accommodation benefit
    • Medical coordination
    • Accident cover
    • Legal advice
  • Zero Depreciation Bike Insurance Cover  – This cover is very beneficial, as it reduces your expenses by excluding the depreciation cost of your vehicle, while filing a claim. The depreciation cost is the amount, which is deducted from your claim due to normal wear and tear caused to your bike over a period of time.
  • Personal Accident Cover for Pillion Riders – This add-on enhances the coverage of your two-wheeler policy to cover the co-passengers, if they get injured while riding your bike.
  • Loss of Accessories – This add-on lets you cover the various accessories that you might have used to decorate your two-wheeler. The reimbursement can be claimed for electrical as well as non-electrical accessories of your bike.
The more the merrier, is true in the event when you need a helping hand. Having useful add-ons with your comprehensive motor insurance policy is just the protection you need in the uncertain times that we live in. Better late than never is not applicable in case of insurance. We advise you to be proactive and opt for the most suitable add-on cover(s) with our comprehensive motor insurance policy.  

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