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Engine Protector Add-On for Bikes
Sep 16, 2021

Secure Your Bike’s Engine With the Engine Protector Add-On

Floods are not new to mankind and are seen to damage lives, property, infrastructure, and even public utilities. They recurrently occur and are more common during the monsoon. India has a total geographical area of 329 million hectares out of which more than 40 million hectares are prone to flood. That is over 12% of the total land area. This alarming statistic makes it crucial to not only be safe, but also protect your property against damage if you happen to reside in one. Bike are essential mean of transport to avoid the hassles of public transport giving freedom to freely move as you wish. Be it narrow by lanes or large highways, bikes are effective in helping your commute. In an urban setting, these bikes help save your time by navigating through jam-packed traffic. Thus, it is essential to protect your bike by purchasing a bike insurance online. Not only it is compulsory as per law, but also a legal requirement alongside registration and PUC. There are two types of policies that can be bought – a third-party policy or a comprehensive plan. The third-party cover, also known as a liability-only plan is the bare minimum you need to have and provides protection against legal liabilities that may arise in the event of an accident. Owing to the limited coverage it offers, many buyers opt for a comprehensive plan where not only it offers a wider coverage to include damages to your bike, but also customisable using add-ons. One such add-on is the engine protection cover.

What is engine protection add-on?

Add-ons are additional policy features that can be bought at the time of purchase or two wheeler insurance renewal. These add-ons are over and above the scope of a standard comprehensive plan. While floods are notorious to damage your bike, the engine is the one that faces the most impact. There is also uptick in the number of claims during monsoon since the water damage to the engine can be a hefty expense. During floods and heavy rains causing waterlogging, the water enters the engine chamber of your bike. This as a result, limits the combustion process and not adequate heat is generated to move the bike causing it to stall. If you continue to crank up the engine when water is present in the engine block, it may even lead to a hydrostatic lock thereby requiring repairs. With an engine protection add-on such water damage to the engine and its necessary repairs are covered by the insurance policy which otherwise are excluded under the standard comprehensive policies. * Standard T&C Apply

What is covered under the engine protector add-on?

Here are some of the expenses included in your engine protection cover:
  • Repairs or replacement of components required due to leakage of fluids like coolants, oils, etc.
  • Water ingression causing a hydrostatic lock to your bike’s engine is included.
  • Apart from the engine, its related components like the crankshaft, gearbox, piston rings are some of the components that are covered.
* Standard T&C Apply Thus, with the help of an engine protection add-on, damages due to floods can be repaired under your insurance policy. Since engine is the sole component on which the operation of your bike depends, you must opt for such additional coverage. However, remember this add-on is over and above your standard policy coverage and thus increases your insurance premium. So, with the help of a two wheeler insurance premium calculator, you can estimate its impact on the premium. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.  

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