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How to avoid kidney problems?
Mar 9, 2017

Prevent Kidney Problems With These 7 Tips

WORLD KIDNEY DAY Since its inception in 2006, the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the International Federation of Kidney Foundations (IFKF), get together and observe ‘World Kidney Day’ every second Thursday of March. It is a global health campaign which focuses on the importance and well-being of the organ. The objective of this campaign is to throw light on the rising number of diseases related to kidneys and to reduce those problems. Blood pressure and diabetes are two rampant household illnesses that act as a major catalyst for kidney diseases. We need to make sure, we take preventive measures to keep away from all the problems that can arise due to an unhealthy kidney. Therefore, it is paramount that we pay extra attention to our overall health and to ensure that our kidneys function well. Some tips for taking care of your kidneys are:
  • Keep yourself healthy - exercising and being active helps in reducing blood pressure and sugar levels.
  • Always monitor your blood pressure to check if it is in the normal range (normal blood pressure level is 120/80) .
  • Keep your kidneys healthy by eating right and maintaining normal weight as obesity can accelerate a lot of problems.
  • Avoid smoking, that also includes not being around people who smoke, as it reduces the blood flow to kidneys and increases the risk of kidney cancer by 50%.
  • Keep your kidneys healthy by avoiding the intake of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water on a daily basis to filter out sodium, urea and other body toxins that may lead to the risk of developing chronic kidney diseases.
  • It is imperative to get your kidney function checked if, you have diabetes, hypertension, obesity and/or if there is a family history of someone suffering from kidney related problem.
World Kidney Day has a theme every year, the theme is generally the issue that they focus on that particular year. The theme of 2017 kidney day is “Kidney disease and Obesity”. More than 1 in every 20 people are considered to be obese which also means, the same number of people are prone to kidney related diseases. We may exercise caution when it comes to our health but if anything unfortunate were to happen to us, it is prudent that we are covered with a medical insurance policy, for financial assistance against the sudden medical expense.

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