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Health Insurance With Maternity Cover
Apr 1, 2021

Health Insurance With Maternity Cover

Parenthood is one of the most special experiences of one’s life, more in particular for the females. Here the female body undergoes both physical as well as hormonal changes which have an everlasting impact on their bodies.   Any precaution you take, there is always a room for medical complications. These situations are sudden and can leave you startled. At such times, timely medical treatment is of utmost priority. Worrying about finances can be another burden when you already have health complications to worry about. So why not opt for a maternity insurance cover?   There is apprehension when it comes to pregnancy, and allied matters and maternity health insurance is the safest bet at such times. Let us understand all that you need to know about maternity insurance plans-  

What is maternity health insurance policy?

Maternity health insurance covers all expenses associated with childbirth for expecting mothers as well as newborns. One can avail a maternity insurance cover as a standalone policy or add it to your existing family health insurance plan. These additional features to your existing plan can be in the form of additional riders or add-ons. Some employers also extend the facility to avail maternity coverage under the group insurance policies.  

Why should you opt for a maternity insurance cover?

No one would want to compromise on the health facilities at any times. So why hold back when it comes to welcoming a new life into this world. Ensure you get the best medical facilities, both for the mother as well as the newborn. Moreover, standardised medical treatments are no longer cheap and can break your bank. Having a pregnancy insurance policy ensures you get access to state-of-the-art medical procedures and can also take care of unforeseen complications.   Medical professionals too, charge hefty fees for consultation and surgery, if required. This can be an unexpected blow to your saving that otherwise can be used for your child’s future. A maternity insurance policy covers the fees paid to professionals like gynaecologist, anaesthetist, paediatrician and more.   A maternity insurance cover also includes the cost of childbirth, pre-natal as well as post-natal expenses. Some family health plans with maternity benefits offer coverage for the newborn as early as 90 days after birth.  

What to look out for when buying maternity insurance?

These are some important factors to consider when buying maternity insurance -   Coverage: When shortlisting a pregnancy insurance, check for the coverage it offers. Many maternity plans extend their cover to provide health check-up facilities, any pregnancy-related medical tests, hospitalisation at the time of birth, along with unforeseen emergencies that need to be addressed.   Waiting Period: There is usually a clause pertaining to the waiting period in health insurance and maternity insurance policies. This means any treatment or check-up shall be included under the insurance cover only after completing a pre-specified duration. Thus, it is advisable to buy maternity health insurance in advance.   Clauses: One must carefully read through all the terms of your policy to understand the fine print. This helps in avoiding cases of rejected claims and to compare the various features of each policy before zeroing down.  

Is pregnancy termed as a pre-existing condition when buying maternity insurance?

Most insurers consider pregnancy as a pre-existing condition and are excluded from the coverage of your policy. You may rarely find a maternity cover without the waiting period, and thus you must plan and accordingly opt for one.   To conclude, putting off buying a maternity cover is not advisable as it attracts a waiting period to it. It would be best if you buy health insurance as early as possible so that the stipulated terms are fulfilled, and your child and the mother enjoy complete medical attention at the time of delivery without worrying about the finances.  

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