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May 11, 2018

Renew Health Insurance: 7 Things To Make Renewal Easy

Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance

Health Insurance is a must-have policy to protect you and your family, financially, in case of a medical emergency. It is purchased for a fixed period of time and has to be renewed when it nears expiration.

The insurance renewal process is very simple and straightforward. And with following tips at your disposal, it will be a child's play for you to renew health insurance.

1. Renew before the expiration date

Although Insurance companies provide a fixed grace period in case you fail to renew your policy on time, it is best advised that you should renew health insurance before it actually expires. An important point to note here is that insurance companies do not provide any coverage during the grace period, therefore you should remember to renew your policy before the due date.

2. Know the process

You can renew a health insurance policy either online or offline. For renewing the policy online, you need to visit the official website of your insurer, fill in the required details and submit an online form. If you wish to renew health insurance offline, you will need to visit the nearest branch of your insurance company.

3. Compare the different plans available in the market

It is possible to change the insurer during policy renewal, if you are not satisfied with your current health insurance policy. So it is advisable to compare all the available options in the market and choose a health insurance plan that gives you maximum coverage with a decent premium cost. An added benefit of transferring your existing health insurance policy is that you get a pass on waiting period and you do not lose on the NCB (No Claim Bonus).

4. Analyze the requirements of your family with respect to health insurance

It is better to analyze the changes that may have taken place in your family between the time you purchased the policy and its renewal. You can consider getting some add-ons as per new requirements after your assessment, during the renewal process.

5. Be honest

Honesty is the best policy! Always remember to inform your insurer about any new ailment that has been diagnosed so that they can help you with better health insurance plans that may cover you for the new illness.

6. Revise your sum insured

Though not mandatory, you can consider increasing the sum insured (within policy limits) when you renew the health insurance policy. If you wish to go beyond the SI limit, you can opt for a super top up plan. Remember that the new sum insured may have a waiting period and insurer may also require you to undergo fresh tests.

7. Read the policy document carefully

Be careful and vigilant while renewing the health insurance policy. Check if the policy document has all the changes (renewal clause, new SI, add-ons etc.) that you had asked.

Keep these tips handy when you renew health insurance. Just buying the insurance policy is not the end of responsibility, it's timely and careful renewal is also equally important. You can visit our website or talk to one of our executives for expert advice.



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