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Checklist for New Medical Insurance Buyers
Sep 30, 2020

A Comprehensive Checklist For First-Time Health Insurance Buyers

The need for having a health insurance plan in your life is increasing with each day. Low air quality, unhealthy food habits, and other pollutants, etc., are the main reasons why people usually fall sick. For someone who is buying health insurance for the first time, one could get confused, as the options presented to you are vast. Nevertheless, you first need to understand what your requirements are and what you would like your health insurance policy to cover. Here’s a guide to you help choose well:
  1. Finding the right coverage
If you already know what you want your medical policy to include then look for a coverage accordingly. Some people are covered under a group insurance cover by their organizations. However, it is a standard policy and the coverage might not be sufficient for everyone. Hence, it is important for you to have an individual health plan as well. You never know the chances of you contracting a particular disease in the future. Hence, it is better to include it in your coverage beforehand for safety.  
  1. Early investment
Some people assume that only old or middle-aged people need a health insurance policy, which isn’t true at all. It is always better to get yourself insured at the earliest. The premium also depends on the age of a person. If you buy the policy later in your life, you would have to pay more premium and vice versa.  
  1. Evaluate and buy
Never settle for a policy that somebody suggests or offers you without considering your personal needs. Make a list of all your requirements and look for a suitable medical policy. A standard policy might not cover the diseases you have or could contract in the future and leave you underinsured. Also consider your family medical history, your current health status, etc. while analyzing your needs.  
  1. Compare health insurance plans
After you’ve analyzed your needs and know what type of policy you want, you’re half-way through. Now go online and compare health insurance coverage, features and quotes from multiple insurance companies. However, don’t settle for the very first medical plan that you see. The insurance company you choose will also play a vital role. Look at their reviews, claim settlement ratios, and then take an informed decision.  
  1. Read terms and conditions
It is vital that you go through the terms and conditions of your policy thoroughly so that you know what you’re signing up for. Before you purchase the policy, you must know what all is included as well as excluded. This comes in handy while filing insurance claims. It is better to look for an extensive health insurance policy and secure yourself financially for the future. Once you’re insured and get admitted to a network hospital during a time of need, your insurance company will compensate you for the hospital bills. You can receive cashless treatment without going through any complicated processes. You can choose from the various types of health insurance plans such as Family Floater Health Insurance Plan, Critical Illness Insurance, Senior Citizen Health Insurance, etc. Go online and look for a plan that works for you. To purchase a health insurance plan, you simply need to visit your insurer’s website and fill in the necessary details. Make sure that you provide them with honest and accurate information. You will then have to follow the directions and pay the premium to purchase your new health insurance plan. As a first-time buyer, don’t let anyone fool you. You know your health requirements better than anyone. Therefore, make an informed choice.

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