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FAQs About COVID Treatment & Vaccine Coverage
Nov 25, 2021

FAQ’s About Covid Treatment and Vaccine Cover Under Health Insurance

COVID 19 pandemic has led people to invest in health insurance. With this disease lingering around, people have become aware of how health insurance can come as a helping hand in difficult times. Here, we will try to answer some of your queries about the health insurance policy and COVID treatment and vaccine coverage under it.

Common Questions About COVID-19 & Vaccine Coverage

1. Does my existing health insurance policy cover COVID 19 treatment?

Yes, your existing health insurance policy with Bajaj Allianz will cover the hospitalization expenses on account of COVID 19 treatment. The in-patient hospitalization will be covered as per the terms and conditions of the policy.

2. Will the COVID 19 vaccine cost is covered under my Corona Kavach health insurance policy?

No, COVID 19 vaccination is not covered under the Corona Kavach policy. But if your health insurance in India covers OPD expenses, then the vaccine cost may be covered.

3. Will spouse be covered under Bajaj Allianz Corona Kavach policy?

Yes, legally wedded wife and dependent children are covered under this coronavirus health insurance. Parents are also eligible for coverage under this policy.

4. What is the waiting period for the insurance policy?

There is a 15-day waiting period for the Corona Kavach policy.

5. What are the benefits available under the Corona Kavach insurance policy?

The policyholders are entitled to receive the benefits of the policy upon a positive COVID 19 diagnosis at a recognized government diagnostic center and requiring hospitalization.
  • COVID 19 hospitalization cover
  • Home care treatment expenses
  • AYUSH treatment
  • Pre and Post hospitalization cover
Optional Cover Hospital Cash benefit under which the policyholder is entitled to 0.5% coverage amount each day of hospitalization.

6. What is not included in the Corona Kavach policy?

The policyholder is not entitled to receive the benefits in case of
  • Testing report from an unrecognized, non-government diagnostic center
  • Travel history to restricted countries under COVID 19 restrictions
  • Any COVID claim for diagnosis before policy commencement
  • Day Care treatment expenses and OPD treatment
  • Diagnosis of COVID 19 and treatment outside India

7. Will the health insurance policy cover treatment for any adverse reaction of the COVID 19 vaccine?

Yes, in case of hospitalization following the adverse effect of the COVID 19 vaccine, the policyholder will be entitled to receive hospitalization cover under the policy subject to terms and conditions of the mentioned policy.

8. Can the policy be ported or migrated?

Yes, according to the new guidelines issued by IRDAI, policyholders now have the option to port health insurance to other insurance companies and can also migrate to any other comprehensive health insurance policy.

9. Does the Corona Kavach policy cover expenses for gloves, PPE kits and oxygen?

Yes, Corona Kavach policy under Bajaj Allianz covers expenses for these, provided the claim is admissible under the policy.

10. Does the policy covers expenses for treatment in a private hospital?

Yes, the policy covers medical expenses for treatment in private hospitals for COVID 19.

11. To avail of the policy benefits, at what hospitals should one get treatment?

Treatment for COVID 19 is regulated by the government and the policy covers for expenses of treatment from any hospital, or isolation center, community hall, make-shift hospital, school, college, railway coach, or any place notified by the government authority for the treatment of COVID 19.  

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