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Cashless Mediclaim Policy for Family Explained
May 4, 2021

Cashless Mediclaim Policy for Family

The cost of healthcare facilities has gone up significantly over the past decades. This increase has made it necessary to have financial backing to take care of unexpected medical treatments. If ignored, these expenses can burn through your savings. This is when having a health insurance policy comes handy.   Often synonymously referred to medical insurance, they help to create a financial buffer for such unpredictable cases of hospitalisation. It is important you select the one that fits you the best. Two forms of settlement are possible when paying a health insurance claim - reimbursement and cashless. This article describes three prime reasons to buy a cashless health insurance policy when purchasing a family cover.   For starters, let us understand what is meant by cashless health insurance? Cashless health insurance implies there is no requirement to pay the charges upfront to the hospital. When purchasing a cashless medical insurance, you need not worry about the hassles of settling the hospital bills and then making a claim with your insurance company. Here, the insurer directly pays the medical facility on your behalf. The only caveat is to avail treatment at a network hospital. Network hospitals are those affiliated with the insurer that provide the facility of cashless treatment. Thus, to avail the cashless treatment, it is essential you purchase a policy with this facility.   Now that you know what a cashless claim is, let us look at the three key reasons to avail a cashless mediclaim policy for family members.   #1 Extensive coverage The first reason to opt for a cashless mediclaim policy for family is the wide range of coverage it offers. Family floater plans include coverage for in-patient care, domiciliary hospitalisation, health check-up, ambulance charges, day-care procedures, etc. Cashless facility not only covers the treatment costs, but also pre as well as post hospitalisation expenses. Having these varied coverages included in your cashless health insurance for family will take care of the financial worries that a hospitalisation may cause concern.   #2 Convenience Family health insurance offers the convenience of immediate treatment at a network hospital. The advantage of availing treatment at a network hospital is that these are spread across the country and not limited to a specific geographic location. Thus, anywhere in the country, if you ever need medical support, it can be availed in one of these network hospitals without having to arrange for funds. When buying, you must take a note of the list of network hospitals to avail the coverage.   #3 Access to funds without any worry A family floater policy is available for all the beneficiaries at once. Thus, multiple hospitalisations in the same policy tenure may cause financial hardship when it comes repayment of treatment costs. At this time, having a cashless mediclaim policy for family will help avail the treatment without having to worry about finances. Not only in this case, any other case of emergency medical treatment may require you to dilute your investments. At these times, having the benefit of cashless family health insurance can offer comprehensive cashless coverage for the entire family.   With these noteworthy benefits of a cashless health insurance, secure your family‚Äôs healthcare needs without any prior planning for the treatment cost. Cashless plans not only provide mental peace with a health insurance cover, but also the required financial support. Compare the various plans and select a policy that suits you best with an extensive list of network hospitals.

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