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Tvs Jupiter Scooter Insurance

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TVS Jupiter is one of the popular scooters offered by TVS. Launched in 2013, TVS Jupiter has had different iterations such as the Jupiter 125cc and Jupiter Classic. Known for its performance and affordability, the TVS Jupiter is one of the preferred choices for many Indians, especially those looking to buy their first scooter. TVS scooters come packed with features such as:

  • External fuel filler
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Fuel efficient engine
  • Wide under-seat boot space
  • Synchronised braking system

While scooters are easy to learn and ride, often one can easily lose control and damage their scooter. They could also end up injuring someone. This could cause financial and legal liability for you. With your TVS Jupiter two-wheeler insurance, you are financially protected from such liabilities.

Types of Insurance plans available for TVS Jupiter

Two-wheeler insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides coverage for two-wheelers such as scooters and motorcycles. In India, it is mandatory to have at least third-party insurance for two-wheelers under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. TVS Jupiter, a popular scooter in India, is no exception and requires third-party insurance to be legally driven on the roads.

The two types of insurance policies available for your TVS Jupiter are third-party bike insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third-party insurance is the basic type of insurance required by law and covers damages caused to third-party vehicles or property. It does not provide coverage for damages caused to your own scooter.

On the other hand, comprehensive two-wheeler insurance provides coverage for both third-party liability as well as damages caused to your own scooter due to accidents, theft, fire, or natural calamities. It is a more comprehensive type of insurance policy and offers better protection to your TVS Jupiter.

When choosing between third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance for your TVS Jupiter, it is important to consider your individual needs, driving habits, and budget. While third-party insurance is mandatory, comprehensive insurance offers better coverage and peace of mind in case of unforeseen events.

Inclusions and Exclusions of TVS Jupiter Insurance

  • Inclusions

  • Exclusions

Damages to a third-party vehicle and their property.

Injuries sustained by a third party due to an accident.

Damages resulting from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods.

Damages resulting from man-made disasters like riots.

Loss or damage to your scooter due to theft.

Loss or damage to your scooter due to fire.

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Driving with an expired or invalid license.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Using the scooter for unlawful activities.

Wear and tear caused by usage.

Issues resulting from electrical or mechanical breakdown.

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Add-on covers

When you purchase TVS Jupiter insurance online, you can include some of these add-ons to your comprehensive policy:

Zero Depreciation Cover:

With a zero-depreciation add-on, policyholders receive the full claim amount without any deduction for the depreciation of bike parts.

Engine Protect Cover:

The Engine Protection add-on covers the cost of repair or replacement of the engine in case of damages due to water ingression, oil leakage, or similar reasons.

Personal Accident Cover:

The Personal Accident cover add-on provides financial protection in case of accidental death or permanent disability of the policyholder while riding the insured bike.

Return to Invoice Cover:

This add-on ensures that policyholders receive the original invoice value of the bike in case of theft or total loss due to an accident.

Roadside Assistance Cover:

The 24X7 Roadside Assistance add-on provides assistance in case of breakdown or emergency on the road, including towing service, fuel delivery, and other services.

Consumables Cover:

This add-on covers the cost of consumables used during bike repairs, such as engine oil, nuts, bolts, and screws.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protect Cover:

This add-on ensures that policyholders retain their NCB concession even after making a claim during the policy term.

The availability of add-ons may vary depending on the insurance provider and the type of bike insurance policy selected.

How to buy scooter insurance online for TVS Jupiter?

Here's a step-by-step process to buy TVS Jupiter insurance online:

  • Research and Compare:

    Start by researching and comparing different scooter insurance policies available online. Look for policies that meet your coverage needs and budget.
  • Choose the Policy:

    Once you have compared different policies, choose the one that suits your requirements the most. You can customize the policy as per your needs by adding or removing add-ons.
  • Fill in the Details:

    After selecting the policy, fill in the required details, such as personal information, scooter details, and previous insurance details.
  • Add-Ons:

    Once you have filled in the details, you can select the add-ons that you want to add to your policy. Choose the add-ons that best suit your reuqirements.
  • Premium Calculation:

    After selecting the policy and add-ons, the premium amount will be calculated. You can use the premium calculator provided by the insurer to get an idea of the premium amount.
  • Make Payment:

    After the premium calculation, you will be redirected to the payment gateway to make the payment. You can pay using debit card, credit card, net banking, or digital wallets.
  • Policy Issuance:

    Once the payment is successful, the policy will be issued instantly, and you will receive the policy document on your registered email id.
  • Print and Save:

    Take a printout of the policy document and save a copy on your computer or mobile. You can also download the policy document from the insurer's website.

With these simple steps, you can easily purchase the policy. Do note that the cost of a comprehensive policy might be more than a third-party policy. If you wish to know the TVS Jupiter insurance policy price, you can use a two-wheeler insurance calculator to get an estimated quote for your policy.

How to Renew TVS Jupiter Insurance Online?

  • Visit the Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company’s website that offers online TVS Jupiter insurance renewal.
  • On the insurer's website, navigate to the "Two-Wheeler Insurance" section.
  • Select the option for "Renew Two-Wheeler Insurance".
  • Enter your TVS Jupiter's registration number, the previous policy expiry date, and any other necessary information required by the insurer.
  • Review the details of your TVS Jupiter's insurance policy, such as the coverage, policy term, and premium amount. Ensure that all the information is correct.
  • If you're satisfied with the details, proceed to make the payment using your preferred payment method.
  • Once you have made the payment, the insurer will send you the renewed policy documents via email.
  • You can also choose to download the policy documents from the insurer's website.

As for the TVS Jupiter insurance renewal price, it can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of coverage, the policy term, the age and model of your TVS Jupiter, and the registration location. You can get an estimate of the renewal price by using the insurer's online premium calculator.

How to file a TVS Jupiter Insurance Claim?

Depending on the terms of the policy, your insurance claim can either be cashless or a reimbursement claim. Here’s how to raise a claim in both cases:


Filing a Cashless Claim for TVS Jupiter:


  • In case of an accident or damage to your TVS Jupiter, contact your insurance provider immediately.
  • If you want to avail of a cashless claim, take your TVS Jupiter to the nearest network garage or workshop authorized by your insurance provider.
  • Show your insurance policy document, the registration certificate (RC) of your TVS Jupiter, and your driving license to the workshop.
  • A surveyor will be appointed by the insurer who will assess the damage to your TVS Jupiter and submit a claim request to the insurance provider.
  • After the insurance provider approves the claim, the workshop will begin the repair your TVS Jupiter without any payment from your end.
  • However, you may have to pay a small portion of the total cost of repairs as per the policy's terms and conditions known as the deductible.


Filing a Reimbursement Claim for TVS Jupiter:


  • In case of an accident or damage to your TVS Jupiter, contact your insurance provider immediately.
  • If you want to avail of a reimbursement claim, take your TVS Jupiter to a garage or workshop of your choice.
  • Show your insurance policy document, the registration certificate (RC) of your TVS Jupiter, and your driving license to the workshop.
  • The workshop will assess the damage to your TVS Jupiter and provide an estimate for the repair cost.
  • Submit the repair estimate, along with other necessary documents such as the claim form, a copy of your insurance policy, and the RC, to the insurance provider.
  • After the insurance provider approves the claim, you can get your TVS Jupiter repaired and pay the workshop for the cost of repairs.
  • Finally, submit the bill and payment receipt to the insurance provider to get reimbursement for the repair cost.

The Documents Required for TVS Jupiter Scooter Insurance Claim

The documents required to file an insurance claim include:

  • Copy of insurance policy
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of your TVS Jupiter’s registration certificate
  • Estimate bill from a garage

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy TVS Jupiter insurance online?

Buying TVS Jupiter insurance online can offer several benefits, such as convenience, time-saving, and cost-effective. By purchasing insurance online, you can compare different insurance policies and select the one that suits your requirements and budget. Additionally, you can buy insurance instantly, without the need for paperwork or waiting in long queues. Furthermore, online insurance policies often come with attractive concessions making them a great option for those who want to save money on their insurance premiums.

How can I reduce my insurance premium?

There are several ways to reduce your insurance premium, such as increasing the deductible, installing safety devices on your vehicle, maintaining a good driving record, and selecting a lower coverage amount. Additionally, you can opt for a voluntary excess, which is an additional amount that you agree to pay towards any claim you make. This can help to lower your premium, as it shows that you are willing to bear a higher share of the cost in case of an accident.

What is a consumable cover?

Consumable cover is a type of add-on insurance policy that covers the cost of consumable items that need to be replaced or replenished during the repair of your vehicle. These items include engine oil, brake oil, coolant, AC gas, and other fluids. Consumable cover is a useful add-on as it helps to cover the cost of these items that are not covered under a regular motor insurance policy.

Should I opt for a multi-year policy?

Opting for a multi-year policy can offer several advantages, such as convenience, cost savings, and protection against rate hikes. By buying a multi-year policy, you can save money on your insurance premium, as the insurer often offers a concession on the total premium amount. Additionally, it saves you the hassle of renewing your policy every year, as you can enjoy continuous coverage for the duration of the policy. Furthermore, it protects you against any rate hikes that may occur during the policy period.

What does personal accident cover offer?

Personal accident cover is an add-on insurance policy that provides coverage in case of accidental death or disability of the policyholder. This cover offers financial assistance to the policyholder or their family members in case of an accident resulting in permanent disability or death. The coverage amount varies depending on the policy and can be used to cover medical expenses, loss of income, or any other expenses incurred due to the accident. Personal accident cover is an essential add-on, especially for those who are the sole breadwinners of their family.

 Written By : Bajaj Allianz - Updated : 22nd April 2024


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