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One of the most popular entry-level bikes in India is the Hero Splendor. Variants of this bike have been in the market for at least a couple of decades. The bikes are opted for by consumers looking for an efficient two-wheeler.

They come packed with features such as:

  • Side stand indicator
  • Integrated braking system
  • Tubeless tyres
  • 5-step adjustable rearsuspension
  • Comfortable seating

Now, due to the growing number of vehicles on the road, there is a chance of your brand-new Hero Splendor getting damaged. To safeguard your vehicle from accidents, and to also get financial compensation for damages, you should purchase a Hero Splendor insurance policy. 

Add-on covers


There are several add-ons available with Hero Splendor bike insurance policies that can enhance the coverage and protection provided by the policy. Some of these add-ons include:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover –

    Zero-depreciation add-on ensures that the policyholder receives the full claim amount without accounting for any depreciation value of the bike's parts during repairs or replacements.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover –

    24X7 Roadside assistance add-on  provides round-the-clock roadside assistance in case of any emergency or breakdown.
  • Personal Accident Cover –

    Personal Accident (PA) cover add-on provides coverage for accidental injuries to the policyholder or any other passengers on the bike.
  • Engine Protect Cover –

    The Engine Protection add-on provides coverage for engine-related damages, including hydrostatic lock, oil leakage, and water ingress.
  • Consumables Cover -

    This add-on covers the cost of consumable items used during repairs, such as engine oil, brake oil, and coolant.
  • NCB Protect Cover -

    This add-on ensures that the policyholder's No Claim Bonus (NCB) remains unaffected in case of a claim.

By choosing one or more of these add-ons, policyholders can customise their Hero Splendor bike insurance policy to better suit their needs and provide additional protection in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Inclusions and Exclusions of Hero Splendor Insurance

  • Inclusions

  • Exclusions

Your Splendor insurance policy includes coverage for a variety of incidents, including damages to third-party vehicles and property, injuries to third parties, and damages caused by natural or man-made disasters. The policy also covers losses or damages to your bike resulting from fire or theft.

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However, there are certain exclusions to the policy. It does not cover incidents where you are driving without a valid license, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or using the bike for illegal activities. The policy also excludes wear and tear caused by regular use, as well as issues resulting from electrical or mechanical breakdowns.

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Types of Insurance policies for Hero Splendor

In India, there are two types of insurance policies available for two-wheelers like the Hero Splendor - third-party bike insurance and comprehensive bike insurance.

Third-party Bike Insurance

Third-party insurance for your Hero Splendor is a mandatory insurance policy that covers any damages caused to a third party's vehicle or property by your two-wheeler. It is a basic insurance policy that is required by law for all vehicles in India.

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

On the other hand, a comprehensive policy for your Hero Splendor provides a broad insurance coverage. This type of two-wheeler insurance policy provides coverage for damages to your own vehicle as well as damages caused to third-party vehicles or property. It also provides coverage for theft and damage caused by natural disasters.

While third-party bike insurance is a legal requirement in India, it is recommended that you also purchase comprehensive bike insurance to ensure that your Hero Splendor is fully protected in the event of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances.

How to buy bike insurance online for Hero Splendor?

To purchase Hero Splendor insurance online, you can follow a few simple steps.

First, visit the insurer's website and enter your bike details and other required information. Next, select the policy that best suits your needs and budget, and you will be presented with a quote based on the policy type you selected. If you opt for a comprehensive Splendor insurance policy, you can customise it with add-ons to enhance your coverage.

Once you've chosen the policy and add-ons, you can complete the purchase process by making the payment online on the insurer's website. It's important to note that the cost of a comprehensive policy may be higher than a third-party policy. To get an estimated quote for your policy, you can use a two-wheeler insurance calculator.

By following these simple steps, you can easily purchase Hero Splendor insurance online and have peace of mind knowing that you are protected against unforeseen circumstances.

How to Renew Hero Splendor Insurance Online?

For your Hero Splendor insurance renewal online, you can follow these easy steps.

Firstly, visit the insurer's website and enter your bike details. Next, provide details of your current policy and any claims you may have filed during the previous policy term. Based on the information provided, you will be presented with a renewal quote.

If you want to customise your policy during renewal, you can easily do so at this stage. Once you have made your customisations, a refreshed quote will be presented to you. You can renew your policy by making the payment online on the insurer's website.

It's worth noting that customising your policy during renewal may affect the Hero Splendor insurance renewal price. This could be due to the inclusion or exclusion of add-ons.

However, by following these steps, you can easily renew your policy online and have peace of mind knowing that you are adequately covered in case of any unforeseen incidents.

How to file a Hero Splendor Insurance Claim?

Here are the steps to file a Hero Splendor insurance claim:


  • Firstly, inform your insurance company immediately after the accident or incident. You can do this either by calling the customer service helpline or by visiting the nearest branch office.

  • Provide the details of the incident such as the date, time, location, nature of damage or injuries, etc. It is important to give an accurate and detailed account of the incident to avoid any discrepancies in the future.

  • The insurance company will assign a surveyor to assess the damage to your Hero Splendor bike. The surveyor will examine the bike and provide a report on the extent of damage.

  • The insurance company will provide you with a claim form to be filled out along with the required documents. The documents may include a copy of your bike registration certificate, driving license, policy document, and an FIR in case of theft or third-party damage.

  • Submit the claim form and required documents to the insurance company. Make sure to include all the necessary information and documents to avoid any delays in processing your claim.

  • Once the insurance company has received all the required documents and the surveyor's report, they will process your claim. If the claim is approved, the insurance company will either repair the damages to your bike or reimburse you for the cost of repairs.


By following these steps, you can file a Hero Splendor insurance claim and receive the necessary assistance to repair your bike or receive compensation for any damages or injuries.

Documents Required for Splendor Bike Insurance Claim

The documents required to file an insurance claim include:

1.      A copy of your bike insurance policy.

2.      A copy of your driver’s license.

3.      A copy of the FIR, if required.

4.      A copy of your Hero Splendor’s registration certificate.

5.      An estimate bill from the garage for repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Hero Splendor bike insurance are available in India?

In India, there are two types of bike insurance policies available for Hero Splendor - third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third-party insurance provides coverage only for damages to third-party vehicles and property. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for damages to your bike, third-party vehicles and property, and also offers personal accident cover.

How much does Hero Splendor bike insurance cost?

The cost of Hero Splendor bike insurance depends on various factors such as the model of the bike, the age of the bike, the type of insurance policy, and the add-ons selected. A third-party policy is affordable than a comprehensive plan, but has limited coverage.

What are add-ons in Hero Splendor bike insurance?

Add-ons are optional additional coverages that can be included in a comprehensive Hero Splendor bike insurance policy. Some popular add-ons include zero depreciation cover, pillion rider cover, engine protection cover, and roadside assistance cover.

How can I renew my Hero Splendor bike insurance online?

To renew your Hero Splendor bike insurance online, you can visit the insurer's website and enter your bike details, policy details, and any customisations you want to make. Once you receive the quote, you can make the payment online and renew your policy instantly.

What is the claim process for Hero Splendor bike insurance?

To file a claim for Hero Splendor bike insurance, you need to inform the insurance company immediately after the incident, provide details of the incident and the required documents such as the claim form, driving license, registration certificate, policy document, and FIR (if required). The insurance company will assess the damage to your bike and process your claim accordingly.


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