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Cheap Bike Insurance

Looking to buy a cheap bike insurance? It’s time to apply brakes

The word 'cheap' has long been known to attract the eyeballs of discerning buyers who like a good bargain. It's only human to want more for less and for those of us that swear by retail therapy, the euphoria it brings is unrivalled.

A word of caution though! While there’s nothing wrong in buying things that are inexpensive, when it comes to something as important as bike insurance , the cheapest Two Wheeler Insurance plans can turn out to be really expensive.

Cheap Bike Insurance may be light on your pocket upfront but may fail to give adequate coverage. So, if you are scouting for the cheapest Two Wheeler Insurance plan with your eyes trained on the one with the lowest premium, you need to apply the brakes before it’s too late!

Why to avoid a cheap bike insurance?

To all appearances, saving money on buying a bike insurance cover makes imminent sense, but when you need it to deliver you may find that it falls short of your expectations. The cheapest bike insurance plans can often sorely disappoint you!

The rigours of researching bike insurance - reading multiple reviews online, visiting showrooms, checking specifications – may lead to you discovering that perfect solution, except if you look at it solely through the lens of the lowest price. Here’s why.

  • Insufficient Coverage

    When you look for tempered glass to protect the screen of your mobile phone, do you buy a glass that fails to cover the edges? No, because even a minor damage to the phone’s edge is enough to disfigure it and affect its performance.

    Similarly, Cheap Bike Insurance may fail to provide adequate coverage resulting in you having to shell out money from your own pocket. When it comes to something as crucial as two wheeler insurance, it’s vital to opt for a policy that provides adequate coverage.

  • Lack of Add-on Covers

    They say hindsight is always 20/20. While navigating through busy traffic, your rear view mirror lets you watch out for objects that may be too close for comfort. When it comes to 2W insurance not all your products may meet your needs.

    Add-ons fill the gaps in coverage and make it future proof. In other words, they supplement your coverage and come in handy when you need road side assistance or guard against depreciation.

    Although, these add-ons may add to the cost of your bike insurance plan, you’ll be spared a bout of helplessness when they pay off in an emergency.

  • Substandard Customer Service

    All things being equal, it is the quality of customer service that separates the good from the average. While a cheap bike insurance cover can save you some money, you may not get all your questions answered in the prompt and efficient manner that you expected.

    When it’s something as crucial as claim settlement, 24X7 claim support and world class customer service are worth paying more for.

What you get with our two wheeler insurance policy?

What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, for starters our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy gives your bike a comprehensive cover at cost-effective premium.

At Bajaj Allianz, we define Cheap Bike Insurance as one that combines affordability with robust protection. We believe that one should not come at the cost of the other. When you avail our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy, you get:

  • 24X7 Claims Assistance

    Since accidents are not predictable, we’re available round the clock to assist you should disaster strike. As your insurer, we aim to deliver when it matters. Our 24x7 call claims support team is geared to assist you at any hour, day and night.

    All you need to do is dial our Toll-free number 1800-209-5858 and we will guide you through the claims process. Whatever your query - from buying a new policy to settling a claim- we keep pace with your needs. You also get instant updates on the status of your claims through SMS.

  • 50% Transfer of No Claims Bonus (NCB)

    We believe that you should keep what you earn. When it comes to NCB, on choosing Bajaj Allianz to serve your bike insurance needs, you can transfer up to 50% of the existing NCB.

    This flexibility let’s you take advantage of the best car insurance products that may become available in the market. At Bajaj Allianz, customer empowerment is at the core of how we do business.

  • Quick Claim Settlement

    After an accident, the pace of claim settlement determines how quickly your bike can get back on the road again. That is where we get into the act. Our quick and seamless claim settlement process ensures that after the rude shock of an accident, you can get going as fast as possible.

    Also, keeping pace with the trend of going cashless, our tie-up with network garages across India ensures speedy and cashless claim settlement. You can either make a claim online or dial our Toll-free number to register your claim.

  • Hassle-free Renewal Process

    It’s like coming back for seconds after enjoying the first round of dessert; without having to stand in the buffet queue again! Our hassle-free renewal process ensures that you and your bike never remain uninsured.

    All you need to do is to log onto our website, fill up the required details for renewal and you are done! You can renew your policy with us from any part of the world effortlessly.

Hacks to reduce your two wheeler insurance premium rates

You may have given up trying your hand at the lottery, but for two wheeler insurance, we’ve got some insider tips that will help you get first place every time! Want to know more? Read on.

  • Research and Compare

    Like to drive a good bargain? With a bit of research, you can not only get the best insurance for your needs, but also be seen as an expert by your friends and colleagues. Doing your homework has its advantages considering the time and money that you end up saving.

    Finding a plan that is the best fit for your needs involves trying on different ones for size, quite like buying a new wardrobe. Make a list of the top 3 features that you’re looking for. Next, look for any discounts, waivers or add-ons that might make your two wheeler insurance cover more comprehensive.

    A bit of analysis can help you find your ideal two wheeler insurance with the precision of a guided missile! All you need to do is to fill up the relevant details and quotes from multiple insurers are available instantly. Target acquired, prepare to launch!

  • Get the Right Cover

    Love cross country bike trips? You probably have an insatiable need for speed and a nifty superbike in your stable. From a bike insurance point of view, a high end model can add a few thousand rupees to your insurance premium. Tip the scales in your favour by choosing the right cover.

    On the other hand, a model on the lower end of the range can lower the insurance premium to some extent. A cost benefit analysis can help you get the right cover for your metallic steed.

  • Choose a Deductible You are Comfortable With

    While you may have many priorities competing for their share of your wallet, two wheeler insurance deductibles offer some unique advantages. Deductible refers to the amount that you need to pay from own pocket before the policy benefits kick in.

    A high deductible may lower your insurance premium but may result in significant out-of-pocket expenses that you might have to bear in case your bike meets with a mishap. Hence, choose a deductible that you are comfortable paying.

  • Preserve NCB

    Do you visit a medical professional every time you fall ill? Certainly not. Similarly, for minor repairs, it’s not wise to raise a claim as this will result in losing out on NCB. For example, if your headlight is broken, makes sense to get it repaired from the local mechanic to ensure your NCB is kept intact.

    Preserving the NCB comes handy when it’s time for renewal. It can lower your premium amount by several notches. What’s more? It can add some extra perks to your health insurance policy at no extra cost. So, look before you take the leap in terms of claiming insurance.

  • Accessorize with Care

    Make a style statement with custom bike accessories and fits. It can, however, also see your bike insurance premiums go up. Why else but because the cost of repairs of custom fits will likely be higher than standard two wheelers.

    In other words, you’re exposed to a greater amount of risk which consequently pushes up the premium amount.  Our advice is: Accessorize with care! 

    In some cases, your claim may be rejected if you make modifications to your bike and don’t intimate the insurer about the same.

  • Hone Your Riding Skills

    Road safety has become a pressing issue with the number of vehicles increasing steadily. With changing times, it’s essential that you hone your riding skills to ensure your on-road safety.

    This has multiple benefits. It will help prevent accidents, preserve your NCB and also help avoid any damages suffered by a third-party. You can seek the help of a professional trainer or join a riding club.

  • Discard Add-ons you don’t need

    Your premiums could be inflated by add on covers that you no longer need. Assess your coverage to ensure that you have adequate protection and discard the rest.

    For instance, while it’s prudent to take engine cover and zero depreciation cover, cover for accessories might not be that important. This cover might push up the premium amount unnecessarily. Therefore, make sure to opt for add-ons that add value to your insurance policy.

Essential factors to consider while choosing cheap bike insurance

Cheap bike insurance is a game that requires you to play smart. Based on your current and anticipated insurance needs, making a trade-off between the essential and good to have factors is a match winner.

Here’s how you can choose bike insurance that is effective and does not break the bank.

  • Coverage Amount

    When you go out for a vacation, don’t you carry some extra cash with you, in case needed? Similarly, while choosing two wheeler insurance, make sure to opt for a coverage amount that minimises your out-of-pocket expenses in case of a mishap.

    A little extra coverage isn’t bad at all.

  • Add-ons Available

    Add-ons fortify your bike insurance and give you comprehensive coverage. While scouting for different bike insurance covers, compare the add-ons available and how they affect the cost of your bike insurance. Choose the relevant add-on covers wisely to give yourself and your bike 360-degree protection.

  • Claim Settlement Ratio

    Don’t take claims at face value! When it comes to choosing Cheap Bike Insurance, the rate of claim settlement is certainly a key factor to consider. Research the various insurance plans available in the market and evaluate claim ratios carefully to make the right choice.

    Claim settlement ratio is the number of claims settled by the insurer as against claims received. Needless to say, the higher the ratio, the better it is for you.

Coverage you get with our two wheeler insurance policy

Some of our best moments in life are those when we take risks in our stride. With Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance, you can do so knowing that we’ve got your back. Here’s how we help you get the most out of your two wheeler cover:
Losses or Damages Suffered Due to Natural Calamities

Losses or Damages Suffered Due to Natural Calamities

Nature’s wrath knows no bounds. While it’s not possible to control nature’s fury, it’s definitely possible to remain financially cushioned and minimise the losses suffered. Read more

Nature's wrath knows no bounds. While it's not possible to control nature's fury, it's definitely possible to remain financially cushioned and minimise the losses suffered.

Our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy gives offers you protection against losses suffered due to natural calamities such as fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide and rockslide.

Losses or Damages Suffered Due to Man Made Calamities

Losses or Damages Suffered Due to Man Made Calamities

In a split second, a two wheeler accident can alter the course of your life. Just like natural disasters, Read more

In a split second, a two wheeler accident can alter the course of your life. Just like natural disasters, it’s difficult to predict the ones that involve other vehicles. Our Two Wheeler Insurance Policy gives you and your bike a financial cushion against losses suffered due to manmade calamities such as burglary, theft, riot, strikes, accidents or any terrorist activity.

Additionally, we also provide coverage against losses or damage suffered in transit through rail, road, inland waterways, elevators or air.

Third-Party Liability

Third-Party Liability

Unfortunately, mishaps involving your bike aren’t just restricted to personal injury loss or damage. Read more

Unfortunately, mishaps involving your bike aren’t just restricted to personal injury loss or damage. Any damages suffered by a third-party can be equally draining on your finances.

Our Bike Insurance Policy covers third-party liability arising due to damage, death or bodily harm caused to another person or his/her property. Also, it’s mandatory to have third party cover as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident

An accident can leave a trail of bills and stress in its wake. With our Two Wheeler Insurance Plan, Read more

An accident can leave a trail of bills and stress in its wake. With our Two Wheeler Insurance Plan, you get a personal accident cover of Rs 1 lakh, covering you for accidents suffered while driving, mounting or dismounting.

To offer coverage to the pillion rider, you can also add a personal accident cover for co-passengers to your policy.

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