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Road Trips Mistakes That Must Avoid
Jul 22, 2017

Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Embarking On Your Road Trip

Road trips are fun and give you the freedom to call the shots on the road. You are in charge of your own journey and you get to set the rules. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? But it’s always not that easy. A great personality once quoted, “With great power, comes great responsibility”. Driving a vehicle on the road also comes with its own set of responsibilities. Let us help you focus on some points and let us help you eliminate some common mistakes that people tend to make.
  • Checking your vehicle thoroughly before you start
At least a day before the journey make sure you scan the overall health of your vehicle. Make sure it is in proper condition and are ready for long hours of driving. Check the tires, brakes, water level in the wipers, lights and most importantly keep a first aid kit ready. Also ensure to check the validity of your two wheeler insurance or car insurance online. We are often over confident about our cars only to face a break down in the middle of the journey. Don’t do that, always do a thorough check before the journey.
  • Carry your documents
Carry all your important documents such as driving license, photo ID proof, address proof etc. Also carry the documents necessary for vehicle verification such as RC copy, copy of the vehicle insurance policy and PUC.
  • Know your route
Do a thorough study of the route, know where to stop, where to halt, which road to avoid and what road to take. The construction and repair work on the roads may also cause delay, so leave early, avoid risks and drive without being anxious about getting late. Get your inter-state permit if required and have everything in order. Now that we are blessed with the internet, make the most of it and visit every link that mentions the route you are about to take. Relying on phone maps is not always the best idea, we all have been there!
  • Have more than one driver
Even before you start planning your trip, decide the drivers. Do not bank on one person to take charge of the vehicle, it can be burdening and can lead to fatigue which can cause accidents. Let everyone take equal responsibility if not everyone then at least have 2-3 people who are skilled enough to drive on big roads.
  • Do not overcrowd the vehicle
Do not overcrowd and do not carry people beyond the capacity of your automobile. It’s fun to have a lot of people at times but it’s fun only when you are travelling within the city and not for longer duration. Keep enough room for everyone to breathe, relax and enjoy the journey. Also make sure to buckle up and increase your safety. Seat belts reduce the risk of getting fatally injured in case of an unfortunate accident.
  • Not taking a travel insurance
Travel insurance is not just for people who travel abroad. It is for every travel mode, especially, long journey in domestic lands. Travel insurance is made to guard you against any unforeseen event that might occur during your road travel. From accidental cover to hospitalization cover, a travel insurance covers almost every hazard that may hinder your journey. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next road trip and hit the road but before you do that insure your journey. Equip yourself with travel insurance as well while buying vehicle insurance online.  

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