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motor insurance details by vehicle registration
Mar 31, 2021

How Do I Find My Insurance Policy Number?

An insurance policy is the most important investment to make when buying a new car or a bike. Many think that it is not required. But, as per the Motor Vehicle Law, 1988, it is mandatory for you to have insurance for your vehicle.   Now, whether you are purchasing bike insurance or car insurance, you can choose from two options. Either you can get third-party Insurance or comprehensive insurance. When you purchase any of these insurance policies, you will be assigned a unique policy number by the insurer.   Some of you may know what is a policy number, and some of you may not. The following section will uncover every little aspect of the policy and its number. First, let’s brief you about the types of policies.  

What are the various types of vehicle insurance policies?

As mentioned, a car or a bike insurance policy is of two types:  
  1. Comprehensive: A comprehensive vehicle insurance policy is a bundled package that includes personal accidental cover, third party cover and covers against damage via theft, natural disaster, fire, etc. The policy offers compensation in case you damage any third-party property in an accident. Moreover, you also get a financial cover of 15 Lakhs in case of permanent disablement or death in an accident.
  1. Third-party: A two wheeler insurance third party insurance policy is a subset of the comprehensive policy. This policy only covers the damages and injuries that happen to the third parties. You don’t get any cover for damages to your vehicle; however, you don’t have to pay the third party from your pocket.

What is a Policy Number?

A policy number is a unique number (usually 8-10 digits) assigned to you on buying a new vehicle. The number remains the same during the time of validity of the policy. It will only change during bike insurance renewal or when you buy a new policy from a different insurer.   If you haven’t purchased a policy before, you must be wondering why do I need a policy number or how do I find my insurance policy number?  

How do I find my Insurance Policy Number?

Well, if you are confused about finding your policy number, here are some of the best and quick ways to find it!  

1.     Using the website of IIB (Insurance Information Bureau)

IIB is an online portal introduced by the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) in 2009. The core motive was to enable faster access to vehicle insurance policies online.   If the physical copy of your policy got damaged in the accident, you can go to the website of IIB and get the policy number. All you need to do is enter the necessary information like the name of the owner, address, email, etc.

2.     Consult your local insurance provider

If your insurer has a local office, you can visit them. Just tell them the basic information mentioned in the above point and the agent will tell you the insurance policy number.

3.     Insurer’s website or mobile app

If you bought the policy online, it would be much easier for you to get hands-on its number. You just need to log in to the insurer’s website and enter the details like vehicle registration number, phone number, etc. and VOILA! You will get to know the policy number.

4.     Customer Support

Almost all insurance firms have their customer support teams. So, whether you have purchased a policy online or offline, you can call them in the working hours to know about your policy number. They will require the same information as mentioned in the above points.  

What is the significance of a policy number?

A policy number is key to various scenarios. With a policy number, you can:  
  • Get duplicate policy documents: If you have lost your original policy documents and need duplicate ones, you will need information like a policy number, date of issuance, policy holder’s name, etc.
  • Avoid hefty charges: If the cops pull you over on the road for inspection, you will be entitled to show all your vehicle documents. In case you don’t have a policy number or hard copies of your insurance, you can be charged with a fine. To be precise, 2000 INR as per the Motor Vehicle Act, 2019.
  • Renew your insurance policy: When you have to renew your policy, whether it is offline or online, you need to provide your previous policy number. Hence, it is best to have it in your mind or written in your phone records.
  • Get Insurance claim: If you got into an accident and faced damage and injuries, you can file an insurance claim for compensation. For this, you are going to need the policy number along with other necessary details. For third party insurances, you have to file an FIR with the police where your policy number will be asked.
  Having the policy number and other important details of your vehicle noted somewhere is a necessary thing to do. In case your original documents get damaged, you can quickly access all your details using that stored information. This is all about what is a policy number and its importance.  


  1. How do I download an insurance copy?
  The process is simple. Just go to the official website of your insurer, enter the policy number, type of policy and other details and download the copy of your policy.  
  1. How do I find out my old insurance information?
  If at any point you need information about your old insurance policy, it is best to contact the motor vehicle department or the agency. They tend to maintain the record of licensed drivers. You can get the information about your old policy easily.

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