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Pet Insurance Age Guide
Mar 19, 2023

Best Age to Get Pet Dog Insurance For Your Furry Friend

When you bring home a pet, be it a cat, a dog, or any other animal, it can be a joyous moment for you and probably for the animal as well. But underneath this joy there also lies some amount of responsibility. You are now responsible for a new life. The pet you now have is entirely dependent on you. You will be responsible for their overall wellbeing, including their grooming and their health. When such is the case, you must also include your pet in your future plans. This means taking care of their possible needs and wants today to ensure that they can be by your side for as long as possible and live a healthy life. Pet insurance can help you tend to the needs of your pet in the long run. Suppose you have a dog. You are doing everything possible to take care of all their wants and needs. You are providing them with the best food money can buy and the best grooming available. Not to mention, they get your love and attention all the time. However, even with all the love and care, you cannot predict what may go wrong in the future. The healthcare needs of a dog, a cat, or a pet of any kind, are multiple. Depending on their breed and their lifestyle, they may end up developing health complications. Furthermore, they could injure themselves while running around or could meet with an accident. All these complications would require immediate medical attention. Now, the cost of such medical attention is usually high. Thus, it may be easier on your pocket to get pet insurance for dogs, cats, or any other pet you have that is covered by such a policy. Have you considered getting a pet policy yet? Many pet-owners wonder when the right time is to get pet insurance. Is their beloved dog or cat too young or too old for getting such a cover? It is important to know what the right time to get an insurance policy for your pet is.

When to Get Pet Insurance?

When thinking of pet insurance for your dog, cat, or any other pet, timing can prove to be crucial. So, when should you get your pet insured? The answer is, the sooner you can get them insured, the better. So, if you get your dog within a few weeks of its birth, you should start looking for an insurance policy for them as soon as you bring them into your household. If the pet is a few years old, you can still get them insured, as it may be better to do it sooner rather than later.

Why Insure Your Pet As Soon As Possible?

There are multiple reasons why you should get your pet insured as early in their life as you can. Let’s look at a few of them.

Avoiding the Hassle of Pre-existing Conditions

Many insurance policies, for pets or otherwise, do not offer coverage for pre-existing health conditions. As time passes, the chances of your pet developing a health condition may increase. When buying the policy, if your pet has any health complications, those and any resultant conditions may not be covered by the plan. Thus, it can be helpful to buy a policy before your dog or cat develops any health complications.

Waiting Period

Most cat or dog health insurance policies may come with a waiting period. This is a period between buying the policy and the benefits being applicable. During this period, you cannot make any claims. Thus, if your cat or dog has advanced in years, and you buy a policy because you are afraid of them falling sick or injuring themselves fatally, know that the policy coverage may not apply immediately after you buy the plan.

Lower Costs

It is possible that buying pet insurance for dogs, or any other pets, that are on the younger side could cost lesser. This may be especially true when compared to the costs of insuring an older pet. As pets grow older, it is assumed that their health complications would also increase. Thus, it is relatively more cost-effective to insure younger pets.

Risk of Mishaps

Whether the pet is younger or older, there is always a risk that they may end up meeting an accident or injuring themselves. Without insurance cover, the medical expenses along with their recovery could cost a significant amount. When you have insurance cover, you may not have to worry about the costs and may be able to focus on your recovery. Thus, if you were wondering what the right time to buy pet insurance is, know that you should ideally buy it as soon as you get a pet. If you haven’t done that, the next best time should be now.   *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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