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Indian Independence Day
Nov 23, 2021

Independence Day of India – The Freedom of Being You

India, as a nation, has come a long way since its independence in 1947. India was under British rule for almost 200 years and it was on August 15, 1947 that India was officially entitled a free nation. It was the spirit of being independent that encouraged the freedom fighters to achieve their goal after overcoming a lot of struggles. Even today, this spirit of ‘being you’ guides the youth of this country to fight for their rights whenever they find that they are being suppressed. Traditionally, people in India celebrate this national holiday by hoisting the Indian Flag, followed by many cultural events and colorful parades. Every private and public building in India is decorated in the tricolor of the Indian Flag fluttering on the top. Schools have special gatherings, inviting all the students to participate in various competitions like painting, singing, essay-writing, fancy-dress, rangoli making, skits and more. Many offices have Independence Day themed events and activities to celebrate this day. While these customary celebrations are still observed, people nowadays express their enthusiasm using social media as well. Many social media platforms facilitate people to change their profile pictures using Independence Day frames and themes. Also people post pictures on their social media accounts, dressed especially for the occasion or expressing their love for the country. There are numerous hashtags being used on the net to tag the activities and festivities of the day. Not only is social media  flooded with Independence Day posts, there are many images and messages which are forwarded on the chatting platforms, filled with joyful wishes about this special day. But how careful are you when you are forwarding these messages, uploading your images and updating your profile pictures? Cyber-crimes are on rise in today’s world, where the number of internet users are increasing rapidly. The hackers take advantage of special days like Independence Day and target the most vulnerable people for launching a cyber-attack. The best way to cover yourself in such a grave situation is getting a cyber insurance policy. Cyber Security Insurance is a unique insurance plan designed for individuals to safeguard themselves in case they become the victim of a cyber-attack. Insure your freedom of expression in the online world by purchasing the best cyber insurance plan for yourself and your family on this Independence Day.

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