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How to Protect Bike in Rains?
Dec 14, 2015

Top 7 Tips You Must Know to Protect Your Bike in Rains

Your bike is your most prized possession. You’ve just returned after a long weekend of riding. The next day heavy rains and floods hit your city; unfortunately you haven’t covered your bike. Completely disappointed you turn to your 2 wheeler insurance provider for help. But you feel ‘What if I had taken enough care? Surely, my bike wouldn’t have been so damaged’. If you often ride a bike and your bike means the world to you, then here are some tips to protect it well. These tips are useful throughout the year and especially when monsoons hit severely. Ways To Take Care Of Your Bike
  1. Safe Parking For Your Bike Take care while you park your bike. You surely don’t want it to get damaged because you got a bit lazy to park it in the right place. Park your bike in a proper shed; avoid parking it under a tree as a branch might fall and damage it. Do you cover your bike with a proper sized cover? If not, you need to do it as it will prevent the bike from being damaged.
  2. Depth Of Your Tyre Treads Worn out tyres are a risk to your life. Check on the depth of the tread on your tyre as it keeps your motorbike safe. Tyre treads give road grip and disperse water. Replace the tyre when the depth is lesser than 3mm. These treads should be checked not only at the center of the tyre but at the sides too.
  3. Lubricate Hinges And Levers Hinges and levers should be lubricated well so that they loosen and move freely. The idea is that you should be able to ride your bike easily.
  4. Check The Tyre Pressure When was the last time you noticed the pressure in the tyres of your motorbike? Always, keep a track on the pressure in the tyres. If it is too less it decreases the grip and puts pressure on the brakes. Tyre pressure should be kept at a lesser level than the recommended Tyre Pressure Level in dry conditions. When the pressure in the tyres is too low it spoils the brakes. This can be dangerous while you drive through water and floods. When you maintain the correct tyre pressure it will increase the life of the tyres and maintains the fuel efficiency.
  5. Wash And Oil The Drive Chain Regularly   You must have surely noticed that mud gets deposited on the drive chain in case it is uncovered. Wash and oil the drive chain regularly.
  6. Check The Drum Breaks And Break Oil Many a times as a biker you are unaware of how your slight negligence can lead to an accident. For example when the pads and the liners are worn out the efficiency of the brakes are adversely affected. Keep the inner side of the drum brakes clean and keep a check on the disc brakes.
  7. Keep Yourself Protected It is raining heavily, you're drenched and are feeling extremely cold. Your attention might waver and this can lead to serious implications. Thus, it is vital that you wear a protective gear. Protect yourself with waterproof jackets and gloves. Helmets and knee pads are a blessing for all bikers as they provide necessary protection. When you follow these instructions you remain safe in case of heavy rains. Drive safe and share these useful tips with friends and family. Visit Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and explore our range of insurance products for 360 degree coverage.

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