Dec 3, 2015

Most Common Driving Mistakes

Life has no shortcuts. Zooming fast, jumping traffic signals and taking shortcuts while driving doesn’t help you reach your destination faster. Instead you might not reach your destination at all and risk other’s life as you engage in negligent driving with a careless attitude.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes While Driving

Distracted Driving

You’ve just wound up work and are returning from office. Your husband calls to check what time you are returning home. What would you typically do? You would use hands-free and answer his call. While driving you have to be careful and have full attention on the road. These few seconds of distraction can lead to an accident.

Using Seat Belt

It’s always safe to wear a belt. In the face of an accident the chances of survival of the driver and passengers is higher if they are wearing a belt. Most of us don’t take this seriously. We “buckle up” only when we see a traffic police. Seat belts have to be worn by those sitting at the back seat too. Spread a word among your family and friends about this aspect of road safety.

Rash Driving

You want to reach somewhere in a jiffy and in an excitement to reach there the temptation is to skip traffic signals, ignore the sign boards or change lanes without giving indicators. A lot of people do it deliberately too. This confuses other people who are driving around your vehicle. They don’t get any signals and are suddenly challenged by your negligence. This can compel them to act in a hasty manner. Not everyone has great reflexes to judge the right move.

Excessive Honking

At the zebra crossing it is necessary to halt your vehicle for pedestrians. You must wait for the traffic signals to turn green. When you honk, pedestrians are startled and they start to hurry. As the signal is turning green and the vehicle in front is gearing up to start, always have patience to wait. Unnecessary honking flares up people and adds to noise pollution. It is time we all realize the repercussions of this needless act.

Drunken or Drowsy Driving

Drinking and driving isn’t ‘cool’. When you go to a party or a pub, make sure that you are accompanied with a friend who hasn’t had drinks so that he drives you home safely. Alternatively, you can take a cab to go back home. Driving under the influence of alcohol affects your judgment and perception. Reflexes and vital motor skills are affected, which are necessary for safe driving. Also, avoid driving when you are tired because you are obviously too distracted to drive.


Teenagers are high on adrenalin, they race and drive aggressively. This can be dangerous while driving in residential areas or if there is a school around. An empty road often tempts us to speed. Never take unnecessary risk to show off your driving skills to impress others. You are not only risking your life but that of others too.

Along with avoiding these common driving mistakes it’s wise to insure your vehicle. Visit our Facebook page to meet the Boo-Boo family which loves to break traffic rules and end up in trouble. Thus, we say ‘Don’t be a Boo-Boo’. Watch the video that will make you rethink about your driving habits.

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