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Best Gift for Dad
Nov 22, 2021

Thoughtful Gift Ideas – Best Ways to Make Father’s Day Special

Father’s day is just around the corner leaving us stumped about finding the perfect gift for the man who has given us everything we desired in this world. This year, skip the wallets and shirts and gift your super cool dad something that is thoughtful and he will surely appreciate your effort.

For those of you looking for ideas, here is a list of some thoughtful gifts for your dad.

1. Dinner With His Gang

Boys’ night get less frequent as family responsibilities increase. Surprise your dad by getting all his buddies together for a lavish dinner at his favourite restaurant.

2. Health Insurance

Health is wealth! Gift your father security with a suitable health insurance cover. You can opt for a suitable plan based on his age group. We all know that a person needs to take extra care of his health as his age increases. A good health insurance plan will cover for expensive medical treatments in needful times. You can consider buying ‘Health Care Supreme’ as it has a vast coverage range and is a comprehensive plan. This plan offers a host of amazing benefits like OPD expenses, air ambulance, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatments.

3. Accessories for His Car/Bike

Fathers are possessive about their vehicles and we are sure your dad is no different! Make your father happy by giving him accessories like car seat neck cushion pillow or a tyre pressure gauge for his most prized possession. Whether he is a person who absolutely adores his car or loves his bike, make sure he also has the best vehicle insurance plan for his vehicle.  If he doesn’t you can club that too in your gift.

4. Organise His Wardrobe

Organising their wardrobe isn’t a priority for our busy dads. Make your father’s life a little easier by organizing his clothes, socks and shoes. This small but thoughtful gesture will make a huge difference in his busy life.

5. Movie Night

Get together, grab some popcorn and have a movie marathon with your father’s favourite movies in the comforts of your living room. It will certainly be the best gift for your dad if he is a movie buff.

6. Customized Gift Hamper

No one knows your father better than you do! Collect all his favourite things to create a personalized Father’s Day gift basket. His favourite sweets, some salty snacks, the juice he prefers to drink or even passes to a cricket match can be included in this hamper.

7. Jar of Love

Get creative and decorate a jar with hearts and memorable photos. You can also fill it with sweet little notes listing everything you absolutely love about your dad. This might be a little cheesy but this will definitely make your dad feel very special.

With these amazing gifts to choose from, there is no reason to be confused. Gift your dad a present which will keep him smiling all year long!

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