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Engine Protection Add-on Cover
Dec 14, 2019

Why an Engine Protection Cover is Essential with Car Insurance?

After a lot of research and visiting showrooms, you bought the car you always dreamt of. Now you will have to buy an insurance for your dream machine. Now a days you are spoilt for choices, right? Like you did the research to buy your car, you need to do a lot of research for buying four wheeler insurance too. After going through a lot of websites, you zero in on an insurance policy. While choosing the best policy with the lowest premium, we often neglect the important add-on covers like engine protection cover. The engine is the heart of your car and you need to ensure that it is protected.

What is engine protection cover in car insurance?

An engine protection cover in car insurance keeps you financially protected against any repair cost in case of a damaged engine and/or its parts. Even if you have a comprehensive four wheeler insurance policy, it might not cover the damages incurred on the car’s engine or its parts like crankshaft, piston, pins, cylinder, gearbox, etc. If you have an engine protection cover, it will offer you a financial protective shield against the damages that may occur to the car's engine because of leakage of lubricating oil, water ingression, hydrostatic lock, etc. During monsoons, the roads are predominantly waterlogged. Your car might face an issue if the water enters the engine. So, this add-on is a must buy if you live or work in a flood prone area.

Why protect the engine?

  • Most expensive part
  • Repairing it can be a real costly affair
  • Significant labor and material charges


The engine protection cover shields your car financially:

  • If you face an oil leak, the engine protection cover will cover the cost of repairing the engine.
  • If water seeps into the engine of the vehicle and causes damage
  • If your gearbox malfunctions following an accident or mishap
  • The engine will be covered if flooding leads to a hydrostatic lock of the engine. The protection cover will restore the engine following a hydrostatic lock.


What is not included in the engine protection cover?

In spite of having an engine protection cover, your claim can get rejected if you do the following things:
  • Try to force start your car when it is submerged under the water. The engine, in general, is designed to completely shut down and not let the water in, and trying to start engine forcibly will let the water in and cause great damages leading to claim rejection
  • If you try to drive a car with a damaged bonnet, the lubricating oil might enter the engine. This scenario would come under deliberate damages/consequential damages. Since the damage is a consequent occurrence and not due to the accident, your insurance claim might not be validated
  • Add-ons come with a limited validity. Only one claim per add-on is possible within the insurance policy period and for another claim to be made, one more add-on has to be purchased.
  • This add-on is applicable only for cars that are not more than 5 year old.
Now that you know about the engine protection cover, buy a four wheeler insurance policy that offers the best add ons with the lowest premium. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance Policy offers just that. If you are looking for the most comprehensive policy in India, Bajaj Allianz is the right one for you. Avail online four wheeler insurance and have peace of mind with your car.  

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