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Top Adventure Destinations In the World
May 30, 2021

Best Adventure Destinations Around The World

Travelling is a passion with many of us and people who love adventure can’t get enough of the challenges. Adventure is all about exploring new terrains and novel challenges. If you are an adventure addict and are always in search of adventure destinations, we bring for you three adventure destinations around the world that you should explore.

Carpathian Mountains, Romania 

Carpathian Mountains is stretched across in an arc shape in Central Europe. It is a lengthy track of forests that has the largest population of brown bears in Europe. It has a vast expanse of forests where you can engage in adventurous activities like rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding or caving. Since the forest is eye catching you can opt for photo safari or wildlife watching.

Along with a breath-taking experience due to the adventurous activities you can also enjoy varied cultures and traditional lifestyles  missing in other parts of Europe.

Yangshou, China

Yangshuo is in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Named as the adventure capital of China, Yongshou is a delight for rock climbers as it has many limestone karst peaks. These peaks rise from lush dense green emerald vegetation. Rock climbers from all over the world visit Yangshou, to enjoy the picturesque village formerly known for fishing. Yongshou has one of the best collection of peaks in Asia, which can be reached by a bike or bus ride from downtown. Though the routes up the peak are well bolted, even the boldest of climbers will find the journey challenging.

Sporades Isles, Greece

The Sporades is placed off the eastern coast of Greece and has 24 islands, but only four of them are always inhabited; Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros, and Alonissos. The best part of being on these islands is that they flaunt a rare combination of picturesque nature with rugged terrain. So they are a perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.


Skiathos is the most explored island due to the international airport and it’s known for its expanse of lovely beaches. There are daily flights from Athens to Skiathos. Alternatively, you can take a ferry from Volos and Agios Constantinos.

But what is worth exploring for the adventure seekers are isolated hiking trails and a Byzantine monastery. Along the trail you can discover the hidden beauties with dense forests and olive groves.


Skopelos is a comparatively less visited island but is larger than Skiathos. Skopelos has no airport. So you have to go by ferry from either of the ports; Skopelos Town or Loutraki. If you want to have an adventurous travel you can opt for a Kayak.

Skopelos has hill top heights and empty serene beaches that you would love to explore. Unlike the overcrowded beaches and themed bars, Skopelos has preserved its nascent nature and authenticity. It has pure island life, simple unpretentious food and long walking trail. This relieves you from stressful modern life. It is a hillside that sprawls with white walls made up of terracotta tiles, with a collection of chapels and church bells that give a musical welcome to you.


It hosts wonderful atmosphere that blends with traditional Greek village life and a trendy vibe. You can ride inside the heart of the pine-tree forest on a cute pony. Or alternatively go on a yoga retreat at the “Skyros Institute of Holistic Studies” that hosts many alternative therapy programs, while adventure enthusiasts can try windsurfing. You can reach Skyros by flight from Athens.


At Alonissos you would be delighted to be welcomed by Mediterranean Monk Seal at the National Marine Park. It houses rare seabirds and dolphins too. You will experience a bliss as you witness the colours of the sea, olive trees and pine reflecting on the waters. When you enter the naturally protected harbor you will see stone and clay cliffs netted with green pine trees lined along the emerald waters. You can take a flight to Athens from Skiathos from there further you can take a ferry or catamaran to Alonissos.

We have shared with you rare adventure destinations which are a combination of nature’s delight and challenge you with thrills of adventure. This holiday while you are all set to travel, visit our website to choose the best travel insurance. Also click here to compare travel insurance and find out why travel insurance is an inevitable choice for all travellers.

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