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Passport Speed Post Tracking Process
Feb 19, 2024

Passport Speed Post Tracking: Your Comprehensive Manual

If you plan to travel internationally, you need to have a passport. It is one of the most important documents an individual should have when they are stepping into another country. Another important element you should have on international trips is a travel insurance plan. Even though it is mandatory only in certain countries, opting for it is generally advised, since it provides financial protection against a wide variety of events.* Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under travel insurance policy. To receive a passport, you need to undergo an application process. After submitting the application and required documents, you must go through an interview. Once the interview and other processes have been cleared, you will be informed that your passport will be issued to you and delivered within a specified time period. During this period, you can track your passport delivery status to remain updated about the same.

Understanding the Passport Speed Post Tracking Process

First, let’s understand how the process works:
  1. Passport services are handled in India by Passport Seva, overseen by the Ministry of External Affairs.
  2. The Ministry works in unison with India Post when it comes to the delivery of the passports to applicants.
  3. Once your passport is dispatched via India Post’s Speed Post facility, you can track its delivery progress through their site.
However, you need a tracking number for the same, which can be obtained via the Passport Seva site.

How to Obtain the Passport Tracking Number from the Passport Seva Site 

Here is how you can get the tracking number for your passport - 1. Log in to the Passport Seva site and visit the "Application of Passport Status" tab. 2. Enter the 15-digit file number provided during the application process along with the applicant’s birthdate. 3. Click ‘track’ to know about the passport delivery status. If your passport has not been dispatched, you may not see a tracking number. But if it has been dispatched, a 13-digit Speed Post tracking number will be visible.

How to Track Passport Delivery on India Post 

Once you have received the 13-digit number, you can track its delivery. 1. Visit the India Post website and browse over to the Speed Post services tab. 2. Log in to the dedicated page for passport tracking. 3. Enter the 13-digit tracking number in the Consignment Number field. 4. Click on ‘Search’ to know the current delivery status of your passport. Sometimes, you may not get sufficient or clear information on your passport delivery status. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the passport isn’t out for delivery. It may simply be due to delays in updating the delivery details. Additionally, you can also track your passport delivery status via SMS. India Post has set up SMS services, wherein you can send a message with the 13-digit tracking number to dedicated India Post numbers.

Other Passport Details You can Get Via Speed Post Tracking 

You can use the Speed Post tracking system for various details related to your passport application, such as:
  1. The date of passport submission
  2. The date the passport was dispatched on
  3. The different locations the passport has travelled to
  4. The date of delivery
  5. The date on which the delivery intimation notice was sent to the recipient.
Now that you know how to track your passport delivery status and other details, let’s look at another aspect of travel that one should always ensure – International travel insurance. But with so many travel insurance providers in the market, you may need some clarity on which insurer to choose and how to go about it. Let us help.

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance Plan - A Step-wise Guide 

Before setting off on your travels, remember to buy the right travel insurance plan. You can refer to the following steps for the same -

1. Know your needs 

Your travel insurance plan should provide coverage as per your needs. For instance, if you plan to participate in adventure activities, make sure to buy a plan that offers adventure sports cover in case you sustain any injuries. If you are travelling with your family, then opt for a Family travel insurance plan.*

2. Consider comprehensive coverage 

Even though you may have planned what you are going to do, there is no saying when an unfortunate event occurs. Hence, a travel insurance plan that covers you on all fronts is ideal.*

3. Research the provider

Once you know the kind of plan you need, take some time to research the insurer as well. Check their claim settlement ratio, read reviews and testimonials, and make sure they are a trusted and reputed insurer.*

4. Review the plan and buy 

Once you have researched the plan and the insurer, you can go ahead with buying it. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under travel insurance policy. With a valid passport and an international travel insurance plan, you can travel the world with ease and better peace of mind.   *Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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