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Claim for Car Damage in Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
Feb 10, 2023

Know How to File Claim for Four-Wheeler Scratches in India

In India, cars are, generally, considered to be either an investment or a luxury. Irrespective of the type of car, a lot goes into the thinking process before purchasing the car. Car owners consider the maintenance and repair costs of cars when they are looking to purchase one. If the car were to get damaged and requires extensive repairs, you could end up paying out of pocket. However, if you have car insurance, the cost of repairs would be covered by it. * One of the most common types of damage caused to a car is scratches. While scratches can be either major or minor, they can be repaired. However, can your insurance get them repaired? If yes, how do you file a claim? Here’s more information related to it.

What are car scratches?

Car scratches, as the name suggests, are scratches that are caused on the outer body of the car. Scratches can be caused by anything. Your car accidentally coming in contact with a wall or a gate, or another vehicle coming too close to your car are some of the reasons that can cause scratches. You should note that car scratches are repairable.

Can your car insurance repair scratches?

Your car insurance policy is designed to provide financial coverage for both major and minor damages caused to your car. Most insurers include car scratches in the coverage of their policy*. However, it would benefit you to go through the policy document to check if scratches are covered in it or not.

How to file a car insurance claim for scratches?

Listed below are the steps for filing a claim:
  1. Intimate your insurer

    Get in touch with your car insurance provider if you spot any scratches on your car. You can either get in touch through their claims helpline number or visit the claims section on their website.
  2. Submit the details

    On the website, you would be required to enter personal details, details of your car, and the insurance policy. In most cases, the insurer might ask for proof of the damage. Take photos and videos of the damage and attach them with the form.
  3. Get the car surveyed

    After you have submitted the form, the insurer will send an insurance surveyor to assess the damage caused to the car. They will cross-verify the damages based on your description. Once all the details have been taken, the surveyor will forward them to your insurer.
  4. Get the car repaired

    If the insurer is satisfied with your claim, they would compensate you in two ways: Either you can get your car repaired in a garage and they would reimburse you, or you can get your car repaired at a network garage where the insurer would be billed and they will pay for the repairs through a cashless claim.
* Standard T&C Apply

Should you file a car insurance claim for scratches?

While it might make sense to get the scratches repaired with the help of your car insurance, it is advised to avoid filing claims for small repairs. The cost of getting scratches repaired is small and affordable. It creates a bad record for you in front of the insurer. If you have repeatedly filed car insurance claims for minor repairs, the insurer might charge you a higher premium at renewal. To avoid a higher premium, it is best advised to not file claims for minor damages.

Things to keep in mind

  1. If you are filing a car insurance claim, file it only for major damages that require extensive repairs.
  2. If the damage is minor and can be paid for by you, avoid filing a claim in such situations.
  3. Always provide actual proof when filing a claim and do not provide falsified details.
* Standard T&C Apply


If there are scratches on your car, you should get them repaired yourself. However, if you wish to file a claim, you can follow the steps mentioned above. Car insurance renewal online is also possible from your insurer’s website with just a few clicks. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.  

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