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Claim for Car Damage in Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy
Feb 23, 2023

The Process to Claim for Car Damage in Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

In India, cars are considered to be a significant investment. People save for years before they buy their first car. Considering the amount that one pays for a car, you do not want anything to happen to it. However, you can never predict when your car might get damaged in an accident. If you have insurance for your car, you can claim compensation for your own damages. It is important to follow the steps properly to ensure your claim process is smooth. Here is how you can file a proper claim.

What is car insurance?

Insurance for car is a type of motor insurance which is designed to protect you and your car from road mishaps. There are three types of insurance plans: third-party, own damage, and comprehensive.
  1. Third-party insurance covers only third-party liabilities and is also known as a liability-only cover.
  2. An own damage policy covers the damages to your car and not third-party damages. However, you do not comply with the law if you only buy a standalone own-damage plan. You must have the minimum required third-party policy.
  3. Comprehensive covers both, third-party liabilities as well as damages to your car under the same policy. *

What is comprehensive car insurance?

A car insurance policy that provides coverage for own damages and third-party damages is what is meant by ‘what is comprehensive insurance’. A comprehensive policy negates the requirement of having to purchase separate policies for third-party damages and the damages to your car. Other than these damages, a comprehensive policy offers add-ons that can be included in your policy coverage. Add-ons such as zero-depreciation cover, no-claim bonus protection, and 24X7 roadside assistance help in enhancing the overall insurance coverage. Your car is also financially protected from natural and manmade calamities. If your car is totally damaged or stolen, the insurance company even compensates you by paying the insured declared value of the car. You can use the car insurance premium calculator if you are looking to buy comprehensive insurance. * Standard T&C Apply

What is a car insurance claim?

If your car gets damaged in an accident, you can file a claim to get compensation from your insurer for the repairs. When you initiate the claim process, your insurer will assess the damages and authenticity of the claim. Based on the extent of the damages, your insurer will make the pay-out. Always file a claim for damages that are major and cost a lot to repair.

How to file a car insurance claim?

Here are the steps for filing a car insurance claim:
  1. Inform your insurance company

    The first step in filing the claim is to inform your insurer. There are two ways to do this: By calling them through their claim helpline number or by filling up a form on their website.
  2. Register an FIR

    File an FIR so that the legal process can be initiated. It is mandatory by the insurer that you file an FIR to support your claim. Make sure to read the policy document to know more about this.
  3. Take photos and videos

    It is important to take photos and videos of the damages caused to your vehicle. If there is a third-party vehicle involved, you must also document the damages caused to such other vehicle. This helps in ensuring the genuineness of your claim. Once this evidence has been collected, submit it to your insurer for further verification.
  4. Submit documents

    When filing a claim, you are required to submit documents that help your insurer verify your claim. The following documents need to be provided: - Copy of the insurance for car. - Copy of your driver’s license. - Copy of the FIR. - Copy of the registration certificate.
  5. Get your car inspected

    Based on the details provided by you, the insurer will send a surveyor to inspect the damages. The surveyor will collect all the details and submit them to the insurer.
  6. Wait for the claim settlement

    Your insurer will verify all the details collected by the surveyor. If the insurer is satisfied, they would offer you two methods of compensation: 
  1. You can get the car repaired and pay for the damages. The insurer will reimburse you for that.
  2. Your car can be taken to a network garage. Once your car is repaired, the garage will directly bill the insurer, who will pay the garage owner through the cashless claim method. *
*Standard T&C apply


If your car gets damaged in an accident, you can follow the steps mentioned above to file a claim and claim compensation. Always remember to provide correct details and do not falsify information. Make sure to check car insurance online before you buy or renew your policy. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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