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Find Bike Insurance Policy Number
Apr 15, 2021

Find Bike Insurance Policy Number With Registration Details

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) is the apex body that governs the insurance sector in India. It is not restricted to life but also includes non-life or the general insurance segments.   Among this, the two-wheeler insurance segment is fast growing with increasing preference for two-wheelers among the people. Moreover, the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 makes it mandatory for all vehicles registered in the country to have an insurance policy. Thus, the requirement for two-wheeler insurance is increasing rapidly.   With the advent of the internet age, it has become easier to purchase bike insurance policy online. It has made the entire process hassle-free and convenient. Whether you are buying a third-party or comprehensive plan, the registration number & bike insurance policy number are essential.   What is a registration number? The registration number is a unique number allotted by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). This number is unique to each vehicle and serves in the identification of the vehicle and all its records. You need to register every new vehicle within 30 days of its purchase.   The registration number has a predefined format where alphabets and numbers are used in combination. XX YY XX YYYY is the format where ‘X’ indicates letters and ‘Y’ indicates numbers. The first two letters are the state code, i.e. where the vehicle is registered. Next two digits indicate the district code or code of the registering RTO. It is followed by the unique character series of the RTO. The last four numbers are the vehicle’s unique number. Using this combination of letters and numbers, your vehicle’s unique identity is formed, which is stored in the RTO’s records. No two vehicles can have the same registration number. While the combination of the first six characters and numbers can be the same, the last four digits give your vehicle its unique identity. Using this registration number, you can track various vehicle-related information, including your bike insurance policy number   How is the registration number useful in buying bike insurance online? Apart from the identification of your bike, the registration number is necessary for the following situations.   At the time of purchasing bike insurance: Whether you buy two wheeler insurance online or offline, you need a registration number. All vehicle insurance policies mention the registration number of the vehicle. It indicates the coverage of the insurance policy limited and restricted to the particular vehicle with a unique registration number.   At the time of renewal of bike insurance policy: During two wheeler insurance renewal, you have the option to either change your insurer or continue with the same insurance company. Irrespective of the selection, you need to furnish your vehicle’s registration number to the insurer. It will help the insurance company pull up any existing records for your vehicle, if any.   In case of loss of bike insurance policy number: Insurance policy these days are provided in electronic format or even physical format. In case you misplace your policy document and do not remember the bike insurance policy number, you can approach your insurance company. Any active insurance policies can be looked up using your vehicle’s registration number. This information can be searched on your insurer’s website or even the regulator. The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has introduced applications that have complete details like chassis number, pollution certificate details, date of purchase and even the bike insurance policy number.   These are some of the ways where your registration number can be useful for searching various databases for information. Not only is it convenient but also hassle-free to look for any vehicle-related details using a single unique alphanumeric number. So in case you lose your policy document, do not worry, you can apply for a duplicate copy using nothing but the registration details.  

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