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Two Wheeler Insurance Copy
May 4, 2021

Get Two Wheeler Insurance Copy Online

When it comes to driving a motor vehicle, it is important to have a few documents in hand- the registration certificate, the PUC certificate and lastly, the insurance policy. Be it a car or a bike, these requirements remain the same. The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 laid this regulatory norm, which if not followed, attract hefty penalties. Surely you do not want to be paying fines, right?   Bike insurance is an essential document that should always be carried when riding your two wheeler; be it a ride to your local supermarket, or daily commute to work; it is a must-have document.  If not comprehensive policy, you should be buying at least a third party bike insurance cover that will safeguard you from liabilities due to other persons during an accident. But it can happen that you misplace this document. What next? Will you have to get a fresh insurance cover? Will you lose all your policy benefits?   How to get your duplicate two wheeler insurance copy online or offline? The simple answer is ‘no’. None of the above questions stand true. All you have to do is apply for a duplicate two wheeler insurance copy. So, if you happen to lose your policy, here’s how you can apply for a two wheeler insurance copy: There are two ways you can apply for a duplicate two wheeler insurance, online and offline. With more and more individuals preferring to purchase policies online, it has become easier to avail a duplicate two wheeler insurance online. Here’s how you can do it: Step 1: Visit your insurance company’s website and login to your account. Insurance companies generally share these details via mail but if not available, can be found by entering your policy number. Step 2: While Bajaj Allianz offers multiple insurance plans, select the bike insurance policy for which you need a duplicate copy. Step 3: The portal shall ask for policy details which shall be verified. Step 4: On entering these details, you can view as well as download the same. Since you have purchased the two wheeler insurance online, it shall only be available for download which can be printed and saved for your reference. Some insurance companies also offer the facility of e-mail as well as physical delivery of this insurance policy.   For those of you who are not yet onboard the online way, the process is slightly lengthier.
  • The first step will be informing your insurance company about misplacing your original policy document. Informing this will help them initiate the process of arranging for a two wheeler insurance copy. This intimation can be either communicated on call or via mail too.
  • Next, you need to file a first information report or FIR with the appropriate jurisdiction. Filing an FIR makes it certain that it is a genuine case of misplacing the insurance document.
  • Now, with the FIR in hand, you will be required to make a written application to your insurance company mentioning the details about the policy like policy number, type of insurance policy including the details of the two wheeler insured.
  • Lastly, you will also be required to submit an indemnity bond which declares any false representation shall be your sole responsibility. It is a legal document that safeguards your insurance company.
  Using this facility of issuing a duplicate policy, you can obtain a copy two wheeler insurance copy without having to purchase an insurance cover all over again. Make sure you do not wait till the last moment to get fined by traffic officials to apply for a duplicate policy. These days, the state road transport offices have permitted vehicle owners to carry a digital copy of their vehicle documents including the two wheeler insurance policy. Apps like mParivahan or DigiLocker facilitate this easy storage.

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