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Types of Travel Insurance Policies to Consider
Jan 20, 2023

Different Types of Travel Insurance Plans for Your Varying Requirements

Travelling to a new place requires meticulous planning, in terms of accommodation, transportation, budget, and other aspects lie your daily food intake and choice of attire. While these are some things that are known by all, insurance for your travels is a lesser-known aspect. A travel insurance cover helps to provide financial compensation in case things go down south. Some situations like medical exigency, baggage loss, accidents, loss of passport and other critical documents are a few things that can be covered by a travel insurance plan. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, whether within the country or abroad, travel insurance is a smart choice. It is one of the first steps to ensure protection against the different perils that you may encounter when travelling. So, whether you are a first-time traveller or a seasoned one, here are a few types of travel insurance plans that you can explore.

Domestic Travel Insurance

As the name suggests, a domestic travel insurance cover is valid for all travel-related risks within the country. This plan has a geographical limitation in its coverage, and hence, is suitable only for individuals that are travelling in India. Expenses like medical emergencies, airline delays, and potential liability are some that are covered under a domestic travel insurance policy. *

Travel Insurance for Senior Citizens

Travel insurance for senior citizens are aimed specifically to address the travel concerns at an older age. This policy not only covers financial costs due to baggage loss, loss of passport, airline delays and other travel-related inconveniences, but also places a greater emphasis on medical coverage for the insured beneficiary. Dental procedures and cashless hospitalisation are some insurance coverages, in addition to the regular benefits of a travel insurance plan. *

Travel Insurance for Families

It is common to see entire families travelling together for a vacation abroad and that’s the purpose of a family travel insurance plan. Here, more than one beneficiary is covered under a single policy. For instance, you, your spouse, and also your children, can be covered by the same travel insurance policy if you opt for a family travel cover. The advantage is that a single premium payment covers all the travellers. *

Travel Insurance for Students

While students often travel overseas for higher education, a travel insurance plan for students ensures protection specific to them. Other than the standard coverage of an international travel policy , a travel cover for students specifically includes features like sponsor protection, interruption in studies, evacuation in case of a medical emergency, bail bond, and also a round trip compassionate visit for the insured and a family member. Apart from that, such a plan is also extendable in case a longer duration is required to complete the course. *

Travel Insurance for Business

Unlike other travel insurance plans that are valid for a specified trip, business travel insurance is valid for a specified period, generally one year. During this period, multiple trips are covered, thus eliminating the hassle to renew or purchase new policies for every business trip. This specific travel policy provides coverage for travel delays, medical expenses during the period of stay, baggage loss, missing a connecting flight, and more. * To summarise, it is essential to select a travel policy that is right for you, as every plan has certain benefits that provide an edge based on the type of traveller and the purpose of the trip. When you select a travel policy, make sure to compare the different plans and only then make a choice to fit your requirements and your budget.   * Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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