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Travel Insurance Claim Process
Jun 15, 2021

Tips To Make Your Travel Insurance Claim Process Easy & Hassle-Free

Picture this, you are travelling with your loved ones to an exotic island. You have the complete itinerary ready along with your travel documents like passport and travel insurance. On your arrival at the hotel, you receive a warm welcome and cool drinks. You all head towards your respective rooms to meet again for lunch, which was pre-planned at a famous food joint that served local delicacies. After settling in your rooms and relaxing for some time, you all finally set out to head towards the food joint. You decide to hail a local rickshaw to reach your destination, which is located right after you cross the local market. Once your rickshaw enters the local market, you and your friends get busy browsing the items displayed for sale. This is when two people on the bike brush close to your auto and snatch your handbag, which had your passports. All worried, you shout for help, but the busy people in the busy market do not help you. You plead your rickshaw driver to follow the thieves, but eventually, you lose them as they get lost in the crowd. Feeling depressed and helpless you get down from the rickshaw and search for your options in an unfamiliar land. That’s when you remember about your travel insurance. But you feel lost again as you are unsure about the procedure of filing a travel insurance claim. While it was wise of you to buy a travel insurance policy before embarking on your exotic holiday, you should also take a note of important tips that would have been useful while filing travel insurance claims. Here are some simple tips that you should keep in mind to successfully file a travel insurance claim:
  1. You should read your policy documents clearly and get all your doubts resolved while purchasing the policy as well as before beginning your trip. You can reach out to your insurance agent or the call center of your insurance company to get clarity on all the aspects of your travel insurance policy (including the claim procedure).
  2. Make sure that you provide your correct contact details while filling the proposal form and should disclose all the information about your existing health conditions.
  3. It is best advised to keep the soft copy of your policy document with you. It comes in handy in case your physical copy gets stolen or lost.
  4. Store the contact details of your insurance company, especially the claims department on your mobile, so that you don’t have to search for these details in distressed times.
  5. Intimate your insurer as soon as the loss occurs. The sooner you inform your insurance company, the quicker they will be able to assist you with the best advice about how to proceed further.
  6. Having a clear understanding of cashless and reimbursement claims settlement processes can help you in filing and getting the claim settled quickly.
  7. Duly fill the claim form and recheck the same before submitting.
  8. Make sure to collect all receipts of expenses incurred (if any) due to the incident.
  9. Make sure that you provide all the documents at the time of filing the claim. You can find the list of documents on your insurer’s official website.
  10. Remember to have two sets of the documents – one for the insurance company and one for your future references.
Travel insurance in India is not a very costly investment. A travel insurance policy is always worth it and you should buy it before you embark on your trip, irrespective of whether it is a business or a leisure trip or whether you are travelling abroad or domestic. Along with this, you should remember the tips mentioned above, so that you do not panic more in an already distressful situation. Visit our website to buy domestic travel insurance and enjoy a worry-free holiday!

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