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Steps to Take After Car Accident
Sep 28, 2020

How to Deal With a Car Accident?

A road accident is not a situation one wants to be in. However, accidents take place now and then in India. Considering this, it becomes very necessary for us to be aware and know how to tackle circumstances like these. Here is a list of dos and don’ts that you need to follow in the case of road accidents. Let us start with the don’ts first.

Don’ts, when in a road accident

  1. Never flee from the scene
Fleeing from the scene of the accident you’re involved in is a criminal offence. Also, one can always assist people if there are casualties instead of being charged with a hit and run offence.
  1. Don’t panic!
Even if the accident were serious, you should not lose your calm. Be composed and collect your thoughts; this will help you think clearly about the next steps.
  1. In the case of physical injuries:
  • Don’t try to remove pierced objects: Bleeding can increase if the object is removed without medical supervision.
  • Avoid offering food or drinks to the injured: Inner injuries can seldom be detected by helpers who aren’t medically trained. It is, therefore, better to not offer any food to the injured.
  • Ensure not to move the neck: If the victim’s neck has assumed an unnatural position, do not try to jerk it back into position. This may worsen spinal injury, if any.
  1. Do not try to settle scores without the insurance representative
If you are not at fault, the person involved might try to negotiate a settlement. This will not help you nor will it serve the purpose of your car insurance policy . So don’t haste into making a deal on the spot.
  1. Do not play the blame game
Pointing fingers at one another will not be of any help in such events. It is best to keep calm and lend help and/or call for professional assistance.

Dos, when in a road accident

  1. Seek immediate help
Make sure to call out for help! People around the spot are the first to rush and assist the victims.
  1. Contact emergency services
Paramedics and police are the first people you need to call before anyone else.
  1. Check the victims for injuries
Carefully examine the victims for any injuries and external wounds. Also, gently move their hands and legs if possible; this will help bring invisible injuries to your attention.
  1. Tackle the bleeding
Use a clean cloth or cotton and apply slight pressure through your palm to control the bleeding. You could also tie it up in case of deeper wounds.
  1. Take photographs of the scene
Once you’re sure that everyone is out of danger, call your insurance representative and take pictures of the scene; this will come in handy while filing a police case and insurance claim .

Moral of the story

Don’t get your guards up and start the blame game when you are involved in an accident. This will just make the situation uglier. First and foremost, ensure that you and the others involved are out of danger. The insurance company always investigates such matters and pays for car accident insurance claims depending on your policy.  

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