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What Is Covered Under Bike Insurance?
Mar 31, 2021

What Is Covered Under Two Wheeler Insurance?

As insurance is an indispensable document that you need to have on your bike, it is also necessary to understand what is covered in bike insurance. As two-wheeler insurance can be of various types, it is imperative to keep all the inclusions in mind. Broadly, there are two categories namely,  
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Third-party Insurance
  You can opt for any of them. As per the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, it is mandatory to have at least third-party insurance for your bike.   In contrast to this, you can also go for a comprehensive cover for your bike. It is only necessary if your bike is new.   As we have taken a brief overview of the insurance covers, let us understand what is covered in these policies.  

What is covered under two-wheeler insurance?

This is entirely dependent on the type of two wheeler insurance you have. As there are two types of insurances, here is what is covered in each of them.  

Comprehensive Insurance

The comprehensive insurance cover is the one that has the maximum benefits among all the other insurance covers. The comprehensive insurance cover allows you to get compensation for your damage as well as for the third party. Here are some major inclusions under the comprehensive cover:  
  • Cover in case of natural incidents
If in any case, your bike or scooter gets damaged in a natural calamity like fires, earthquake, floods, storms, landslides, etc., you will get cover for your bike’s damage.  
  • Incidents that occur due to humans
This is the most common scenario. If anything happens to your bike because of human error, your insurer will cover for the entire damage. Man-made incidents can harm your bike due to collision, theft, strikes, or any malicious act. Your insurance will also cover any damage caused while transferring the bike across locations via various commute mediums.  
  • PA Cover
PA cover is known as the personal accident cover. In this, if you get severely injured, or god forbid, die in the accident, you or your family will get a personal accident cover of around 15 Lakhs.   No one knows when an unfortunate moment will strike so, it is best to be ready for the worst. When it comes to insurance, it is best to opt for PA cover, although it has been made mandatory by the government to buy a PA cover with your third party insurance or comprehensive insurance.   Other than all these aspects, you can also opt for some add-ons in your comprehensive two-wheeler insurance such as:  
  1. Roadside assistance: If your bike stops on the way, you get the service to get it towed or repaired on the spot. You might also get cab service to reach your destination.
  2. Zero depreciation cover: If after an accident, you don’t want to pay for any depreciation or any spare part cost, opt for the zero depreciation bike insurance cover.
  3. Pillion Protection: This is the add-on for those who do not drive alone daily. The add-on provides cover for the pillion on your bike if any mishap occurs.

Third-Party Insurance

This is the second type of insurance policy that you can opt for. The key thing about this cover is that it provides cover only for the damage done by you in the accident to the other party. In this insurance cover, you will not get any cover for your bike, if it gets damaged.   However, you can choose to include a PA cover in your third party insurance cover. If in any case, you suffer serious injuries in the accident, you will get the compensation for your injuries. The benefit of a PA cover is based on the type of injury you have.   Here is a table for reference:  
Accident Event Sum Insured
Death 100%
Permanent total disablement 100%
A dismemberment of two limbs, two eyes or one limb and one eye 100%
A dismemberment of one limb or one lost eye 50%
  If required, you can also add the described add-ons in this insurance policy too.  

Which one is better?

As you have the answer to the question, what is covered in bike insurance? It is time to find out which one is better.   To be honest, if you have a new bike, it is best to go for the comprehensive insurance package. Yes, the third-party cover’s low premium amount will attract you, but you need to go for the comprehensive one. It will save you from hefty expenses afterwards.   If your bike is old and has less IDV, it is best to go for a third party cover. Know more about what is IDV in insurance on Bajaj Allianz Blogs.  


  1. How do I know my insurance type?
It is pretty simple, check your insurance papers, it clearly describes the type of insurance you have. You can also go online on the Insurance Information Bureau to know about the type of policy. Just enter your registration number, and you are good to go.  
  1. Do I need to opt for add-ons in my policy?
Not if you don’t need them. But, if you are good with paying a high premium, you can opt for add-ons like pillion cover, roadside assistance, etc.

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