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prevent e-bike fires
Mar 30, 2023

Prevent E-Bike Fires: Discover the Causes and Essential Tips for Ensuring a Safe Ride

One of the most potent solutions against pollution is the use of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles, a better alternative to petrol and diesel vehicles, have a lot of prospects to offer when it comes to tackling the impact of pollution and reducing it drastically. However, there are chances of problems arising with the bike itself are never zero. Incidents such as e-bikes lighting up in flames have put the safety of these bikes in the spotlight. You might get compensated in the event of the loss of your e-bike with the help of your electric bike insurance policy. * But, it is important to understand why these incidents take place and how they can be prevented.

Why do e-bikes catch fire?

Here are some of the reasons why e-bikes and fire are not a good combination:
  1. Lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion battery, or Li-ion battery as it is popularly known, is one of the most common types of battery used today. This battery is used in almost all electronic devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Li-ion batteries are preferred due to their durability and long life cycle. However, they are notorious for facing issues with higher temperatures. There is a liquid, a type of electrolyte fluid, which is used in Li-ion batteries. Due to its highly inflammable nature, the fluid expands at higher temperatures, affecting the battery’s life. This also increases the chances of the battery catching fire. This is one of the main reasons why e-bikes catch fire due to battery problems.
  1. Exposure to heat

Apart from the problem of battery fluid heating, e-bikes are more susceptible to external heat. When driving during hot weather conditions, the vehicle’s body heats up more that impacts the battery temperature. This also increases the probability of the bike catching fire.
  1. Usage of faulty parts

To avoid paying more for genuine parts, people tend to settle for low-cost parts during servicing. This carries a huge risk as low-cost parts tend to be faulty at times. If a faulty part is used to replace an old part, this increases the chance of the bike lighting up in flames. Faulty parts can cause short circuit or friction internally, which can lead to your bike catching fire. Often times, garage owners also install parts which are defective by nature, increasing the chance of a major mishap that might not just damage your bike, but might also injure you.

Tips to prevent such incidences

With the following tips, you can decrease the chances of your bike getting damaged due to fire:
  1. Get the bike serviced from an authorised garage

While you might find the cost of service and parts steep, it does not compromise the safety and integrity of the bike. If you were to get your bike repaired at a non-authorised service garage, you may not find genuine replacement parts. At authorised garages, there is always an availability of genuine parts. Also, the personnel are trained to repair your brand’s bike, which ensures the quality of service.
  1. Charge as per the manual

Many e-bike users tend to charge their bikes overnight. This carries a risk factor as you are overcharging the battery beyond its limit. Not only does this damage the mechanism of the battery, but it also increases the risk of the battery catching fire either during charging or while the bike is in use. To reduce the chance of such incidents, follow the charging instructions given in the manual. If required, you can also contact the customer care of your e-bike manufacturer.
  1. Avoid using the bike in extreme heat

As mentioned earlier, the body of the bike tends to get heated due to external heat. This increases the chance of a fire. This can be avoided if you plan your travel early and not when the temperature is at its peak. This is especially recommended during summers when the temperature is high during noon.
  1. Do not store combustible items

One of the reasons why batteries in e-bikes catch fire is due to exposure to combustible items. If you were to store any flammable fluids such as kerosene, lighter fluid or aerosol cans in the boot space of your bike, it could catch fire at high temperatures. This in turn will damage the battery as well. It would benefit to avoid any such items in the boot space of your bike.


These tips can help you ensure a longer life for your e-bike without the risk of it getting damaged due to fire. It would be prudent for you to remain prepared for any such incidents with the help of an electric bike insurance policy, which offers financial protection and gives compensation in the event of damages to your . * * Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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