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RTO in Kalyan: All about RTO Offices in Kalyan
May 23, 2023

RTO in Kalyan: All about RTO Offices in Kalyan

Kalyan is one of the major cities in the state of Maharashtra. With a considerable population, Kalyan is a bustling city whose citizens often commute back and forth from Mumbai for work. Kalyan is also close to many weekend getaways such as Karjat and often functions as the pathway to many destinations. Thus, to regulate the flow of traffic in Kalyan and ensure that the city’s vehicles are handled effectively, the city has the Regional Transport Office or RTO. Whether it is registering different types of vehicles after inspecting them for valid vehicle insurance or issuing driving licences, the scope of the RTO’s responsibilities is quite extensive. Here is a lowdown on the Regional Transport Office in Kalyan.

What Kind of Services Does the RTO in Kalyan Provide?

The Kalyan RTO works under the Ministry of Road Transport of the Government of Maharashtra. As per the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, a Regional Transport Office is expected to carry out a certain set of responsibilities. This includes but is not limited to: -  Ensuring that road safety measures are implemented and safeguarded. -  Inspecting the vehicles at the check posts when required. -  Collecting necessary charges and taxes pertaining to different vehicles. -  Laying down the process for driving tests to issue licences to learners. -  Issuing and renewing the registration certificate for different types of vehicles. -  Issuing different kinds of licences, viz. the driving licence, learner’s licence, and international driving permits. -  Providing permits for tourist vehicles. -  Inspecting vehicles for valid vehicle insurance policies, registration certificates and other essential aspects, such as pollution under control certificates, and issuing a fitness certificate accordingly. -  Issuing the NOC or No Objection Certificate in case of transfer. For a detailed list of the services provided by the RTO in Kalyan, you can reach out to them via the details given below.

Kalyan RTO Contact Details

Here are the details in case you need to reach out to Kalyan RTO: RTO Code: MH- 05 Office name: RTO Kalyan Phone No: 0251-2230505, 2230888 Email ID: Address: Regional Transport Office, Sahyadri Nagar, Chikan Ghar, Near Birla School, Kalyan (W), Thane – 421 301 Office timings: 10:00 am to 5 pm. However, note that there might be other offices related to the same RTO in the Kalyan area.

What Are the Two Types of Vehicle Registration in Kalyan?

Now that you have an idea of the services provided by the RTO Office in Kalyan, you may need to visit it for different services. If you plan to visit it for registering your vehicle, then you will come across two phases of the registration process. These are:

Temporary registration of your vehicle

Right after you purchase a vehicle, it is granted temporary registration. Usually, it is issued for a period of seven days and can be extended for a maximum of 30 days. Then, you can apply for the second type of registration.

Permanent registration of your vehicle

Once the time for your temporary registration has elapsed, you can apply for permanent registration and receive it once the documentation formalities are complete.

How to Verify the Details of Vehicle Registration in Kalyan?

If you have carried out vehicle registration in Kalyan RTO, you can verify the same details online. You can carry out the same with the help of the following steps: -  Log in to Parivahan, the government’s online RTO portal. -  Select the appropriate service (vehicle registration, for instance), and then select Maharashtra from the state dropdown list. -  Enter details pertaining to your vehicle registration after which you will be asked to enter a Captcha and then you can click on “Check Status”. You will then get to check information related to your vehicle’s registration, such as: -  Registration number and date -  Chassis number -  Engine number -  Vehicle owner’s name -  Class of the vehicle -  Fuel type (petrol/diesel/CNG/electric) -  Make and model of the vehicle -  Validity dates for fitness certificate, vehicle insurance, and road tax. In case of any discrepancy in the information available online, you can reach out to the RTO Office in Kalyan and initiate the correction process.

Is It Mandatory to Register Your Vehicle with The Local RTO?

Yes, if you have purchased a vehicle, you should mandatorily register your car with the local RTO. Kalyan residents must get their car registered and receive their driving license from the RTO in Kalyan. The registration process might include inspecting your car for different issues. The RTO might check if you have a valid vehicle insurance policy since that is mandatory by law. If you are planning on buying a comprehensive insurance policy rather than the mandatory third-party policy, you can consider using the vehicle insurance calculator. You can visit the Maharashtra government’s road transport authority website to know more about the RTO in Kalyan.   Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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