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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Making Third-Party Bike Insurance Claims
Aug 17, 2022

Find Out The Mistakes to Avoid While Making Third-Party Bike Insurance Claims

Motor insurance is a compulsory requirement for all vehicle owners in India. So, as a bike owner, you must mandatorily buy a two-wheeler insurance cover to ensure legal compliance. But apart from legal coverage, a bike insurance policy also offers protection from liabilities and coverage for repairs. This, however, depends on the type of insurance plan. Most buyers bring their insurance cover to mind only in times of distress — for instance, an accident, in the case of bike insurance. Certain rules and procedures are laid down in your insurance policy and sticking to them help to expedite your settlement process, especially in the case of a third-party bike insurance policy. Not knowing them can often lead to a rejected claim application. Here are some of those mistakes to avoid when you raise a claim for third-party bike insurance online .
  1. Avoid Fleeing From the Accident Scene
The most common mistake that most riders make is running away from the accident scene. When an accident takes place, it can be disturbing and frightening, especially if a third party is injured or hurt. But without trying to escape the scene, you must check if any medical attention is required for the injured third person. *
  1. Not Filing First Information Report or FIR
To successfully raise a third-party party claim, you must follow the process of making an insurance claim. Filing an FIR is one of the first few crucial steps. An FIR is an official document reporting the incident that rests with the jurisdictional police authorities. Without an FIR for either the injuries to a third person or damages to their property, no claim is possible. It is the single most important evidence that forms the basis of any compensation that is paid to the aggrieved individual. *
  1. Avoid Delays in Making a Claim
When an accident takes place, make sure to get in touch with your insurance company immediately after filing an FIR. This is essential to receive or pay any compensation for repairs that may be required or for injuries to the injured individual. While accidents can be shocking, slight delays can be condonable. However, prolonged delays must be avoided as it may lead to a rejection of the claim application in some instances. *
  1. Skipping on Capturing Evidence
When it is the case of a third party bike insurance claim, evidence is an essential submission for the insurance company. This can be by way of pictures or even videos from the smartphone in your pockets. Non-submission of this evidence will not lead to a rejected claim, however, it helps increase the probability of it happening. *
  1. Do Not Miss Collecting the Details of the Third Person
If you are injured in an accident, make sure to collect the details of the third person, such as their contact number, their vehicle’s registration details, and the insurance company’s contact details, so that you can make a claim with the appropriate insurance company and receive compensation for injuries/damages. These five nifty tips can help you make a third-party insurance claim and avoid any untoward rejections. So, remember to file an FIR and raise the insurance claim within a considerable time to ensure that the rules are complied with. * *Standard T&C Apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.  

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