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Important Checks for Secondhand Two Wheeler
Sep 28, 2020

5 Important Checks To Make While Buying A Secondhand Two Wheeler

A faster pace of living has been rapidly adopted across India in the last few years. Due to the constant hustle, the demand for a two-wheeler is on the rise. While a majority of people prefer second-hand motorbikes, the rest of them opt for the latest bike in the market. The availability of second-hand vehicles in good condition has attracted a plethora of buyers. Moreover, a second-hand two-wheeler at an affordable rate is considered as good as a new bike in Indian markets. On the other hand, the multiple options for two-wheelers lead to confusion in the minds of customers. While buying a used bike model, the customers might get overwhelmed with the tons of options available. Hence, have a look at the list of things mentioned below while selecting a second-hand two-wheeler:
  1. Consider the model of the bike
There is no denying that every individual dreams about buying a fancy motorcycle once in a lifetime. However, purchasing a desirable bike is not easy on your pockets & the market value of the vehicle affects your insurance premium. Therefore, consider the bike model and invest in a two-wheeler smartly. Opt for a two-wheeler that you desire & falls within your budget.
  1. Condition of the vehicle
A used two-wheeler might have specific mechanical glitches. Hence, before purchasing a second-hand bike, make it a point to run the necessary mechanical checks. Take a look below:
  • Look for oil leaks.
  • Check for any unwanted rusts or corrosion on any part of the vehicle.
  • Fix the dents or scratches permanently.
  • Run an oil and engine check.
  • Asses any physical damage to the vehicle.
  • Check the handles, brakes, battery, gears, and so on.
  1. Registration of the two-wheeler
You must have heard of the term RC book. IF you haven’t and are wondering what is rc book , here’s an explanation: Before registering the bike, an individual must acquire a transfer of ownership certificate from the previous owner. On receiving the transfer certificate, one can register the bike as well as secure the vehicle with a two-wheeler insurance. Once the owner registers his/her two-wheeler, they will receive a registration certificate (RC). It is essential to carry the RC certificate in the vehicle as it a legal requirement.
  1. Two wheeler insurance policy
The increasing rate of accidents has made two-wheeler insurance the need of the hour. During accidents, the chances of physical damages to the bike are higher. In case of any losses, a policyholder can claim for reimbursement from the insurer. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance provides its customers with a quick and easy insurance purchase of two wheeler insurance online along with a a simple & efficient claims process. The quick claim settlement ensures a hassle-free experience without disrupting your peace of mind.
  1. Documentation
Paperwork is crucial, as well as inevitable. Whether an owner purchases a new bike or a used one, they must have all the relevant documents available in the vehicle. While the original documents can be stored safely in a locker, the photocopies need to be carried in the vehicle. Every driver must have the following documents mentioned below:
  • RC Certificate
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • Two-wheeler insurance policy document
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)
To sum up, investing in a second-hand two-wheeler is an excellent choice for a majority of drivers. Opt for a two-wheeler insurance policy to protect the bike during unfortunate events like accidents, road mishaps, natural calamities, and so forth. Explore comprehensive and third party bike insurance online by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. These plans are tailor-made for policyholder with a host of benefits and features to match their needs.  

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