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Enhance Battery Life Of Electric Vehicle
May 15, 2023

Easy Ways to Enhance the Battery Life of Your Electric Vehicle

Even if you buy electric vehicle insurance to keep your EV safe, know that most plans may not cover electrical or mechanical failure. Parts of your EV, especially the battery, can be pretty costly. Thus, it is advisable to take the best care of it, even if you have the right motor insurance plan for your EV.

Tips to Improve Your Electric Vehicle Battery Life

Your EV battery is one of the most important components of the vehicle. While taking care of your EV is important, looking after its battery can be a separate task, if you want to ensure the best functioning for your vehicle. Let’s look at a few tips to maintain your EV battery health for a long time.
  1. Read the Manual

Your e-bike or electric car may come with a user manual. Among other things, this may also offer you insights into how to take the best care of the parts of your car or bike. You may read the manual to get a better understanding of the working of your electric vehicle’s battery and its maintenance. Ensure that you follow the instructions given in the manual about the battery as well as the other parts. Following these guidelines can help you ensure that the vehicle functions as intended.
  1. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

If you live in extremely cold or extremely hot regions, it is advisable to store your vehicle in a moderate temperature setting, if possible. For example, you can store your electric bike in a controlled environment. Moreover, you could also remove and store your batteries in a more stable environment.
  1. Don’t Use Fast Charging Frequently

Fast charging solutions are a tempting prospect. The idea that your charging time could be cut down by several hours can lure in pretty much anyone. However, fast charging every single time is something you should refrain from. Only using DC fast chargers, or using them frequently, can prove to be harmful to your electric vehicle’s Li-ion battery performance. It can lead to quicker battery degradation, thus leading to your battery running out of juice much quicker and you experiencing a shorter duration between two charging sessions. You may use fast charging options sparingly.
  1. Avoid Charging Fully

The common tendency is often to charge a battery fully. In some circumstances, you may even leave the battery charging for long after it has charged completely. One should avoid doing so. Instead of charging it to 100% every single time you charge it, stop at 70%-80%. Only charge 100% when you think it will be required for what you have planned for the day. For example, if you are going on a long road trip and may not have the opportunity to charge your vehicle soon but will be using it for a long time, you can then charge it 100%. Also, avoid overcharging the battery.
  1. Use Original Charger

When you purchase your electric vehicle, you may get a charger with it. If you are purchasing from an official reseller, they are bound to provide you with the original charger. Ensure that you use only this charger for your electric vehicle battery. In case you misplace this original charger or lose it, it is advisable to get a new original charger as a replacement. Avoid using counterfeit products. This could affect the life and performance of the battery and you may end up having to spend on battery sooner than expected.
  1. Avoid Using the Battery Fully

While it may be unavoidable in some cases, avoid using the battery till it has no charge left. If possible, keep the battery at 10%-20% charge instead of running it down completely. Discharging it completely can damage Li-ion batteries in the long run. This could not only affect your driving range but also the charging capacity of your battery, thus affecting its overall performance.
  1. Keep it Partially Charged When Storing

If you are storing the battery, either outside the vehicle or within it, avoid doing so with the battery completely charged or completely drained. It may suit your battery best to not be at a 100% charge as it may be difficult to maintain this level. On the other hand, also avoid storing the battery fully discharged as it may degrade the battery. Maintain a charge between 25% to 75% when storing it. Along with practising these tips to take care of your EV battery, also ensure that you have purchased the right electric vehicle insurance. It can help you stay financially protected against most cases of unforeseen, accidental damage to your car. Ensure that you use a car insurance calculator to know the premium amount you would be required to pay for the coverage you seek. Moreover, don’t forget to renew your EV insurance on time.   *Standard T&C apply Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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