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Motorbike Rider on Indian Road
Mar 15, 2017

7 Types of Riders You Will Meet on Indian Roads

We had written about the various types of drivers on Indian roads a while ago, we decided to take that a little further and write about the real MVP on the roads, the bike riders.   The Road Rash Remember the bad boys from our childhood game? Yes! They are them. On the road with their rash riding, ready to start a fight at the smallest things, anywhere and for absolutely no reason - these men, live up to their names of being a ‘road rash’. The Stunt Biker They are on the road not to ride but to stunt. These are the ones who suddenly put up a show in the middle of traffic with their wheelies, stoppies and burnouts they leave us dazed and compel us to say silent prayers for their lives (and our own as well!).   The Biker Squad The showstoppers of the road. They can make time stop, when they come in gangs, in their ‘Royal Enfields’ or ‘Harley Davidsons’. The rich group who flaunt their bikes strictly in groups while making everyone halt on the road. The Scooty Girl  The independent girl, who enjoys her commute, while going to school/work. She is either an obedient girl or a daredevil on the road. Not really a menace, unless someone tries to mess with her. The Scooty girl adds a fun/colorful flavor to the road. The Serious Traveler He/she is a person who rides their bike for going to work or running errands or basically go anywhere. Their road story is about them & their bike. They’re is not concerned about what you do on the road, till their journey remains smooth from point A to point B. The Lord of Adornment This person’s absolute love for his bike, will be evident from the layers of accessory he/she gets for his bike. They probably invest more in their bike ornaments more than they do on themselves. As a consequence, every new accessory that is out in the market, they are the first ones to grab them. The Seasoned One These are the people who have weathered on their bikes. They are the ultimate biking gurus, who can look at any bike and tell their story. They are on the road with their bikes to enjoy and not to create any kind of inconvenience. The cool guys. While we all know that bikes are more fun than cars, it is imperative that we exercise caution and are vigilant when on the road. It’s not really a good thing to be reckless or a menace on the road. And it is always a great thing to get your darling bike a two wheeler insurance policy.

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