Dec 28, 2015

24×7 Road Assistance: A Smart Choice

You are on a weekend drive with your family. Suddenly your car decides to play the mischief. The car has a flat tyre and is immobilized leaving you stranded in the middle of the road. You don’t have to panic if you have chosen Roadside Assistance cover when you invested in a car insurance policy.

Roadside Assistance puts you at peace in unexpected and untoward incidences when you hit the road. Insurance companies which provide motor insurance also offer Roadside Assistance cover.

24x7 Spot Assistance Of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Provides Roadside Assistance

Flat tyre   

If your car is immobilized due to a flat tyre, you don’t have to worry. If you have a Roadside Assistance cover, which we call 24x7 Spot Assistance, we will provide to get the tyre replaced or repaired.

Run out of fuel

Sometimes you forget to catch up with simple things but they might leave your schedule severely disturbed. You have not kept a watch on the fuel in your car and your car stops in the middle of the road. There’s no fuel station in sight. In such a case, we will arrange for fuel supply.

Towing facility

You are driving fast as your boss has asked you to reach office in half an hour. Unfortunately you ram into a tree but you don’t need to worry.  24x7 Road Assistance will arrange for a free towing away of your car from the accident spot to the nearest authorized dealer or workshop.

Keys and Locks Replacement Cover

You lost the car keys and you just cannot find them? We will arrange for the pick up and delivery of spare keys to the spot where your car is located. We will cover the cost of replacement of keys but this would be subject to specified sum insured for the cover. If there is a security risk arising out of this incident, we will bear the cost of installing new locks. This benefit is available only once during the entire policy period.

Accommodation Benefits

You never know what is in store for you when you hit the road. Just in case your car meets with an accident or there is a severe breakdown, we provide you with hotel accommodation for all the people in the car. This benefit is for a maximum of two days and two nights with a limit of Rs.2000 per person per day with a total maximum amount of Rs.16,000 throughout the Policy Period.

These are not the only benefits that you get from a Roadside Assistance cover. Whenever you invest in any insurance cover it is always advisable to be aware of what benefits your insurance company promises to provide you. Visit our website to know more about the 24x7 Spot Assistance we provide our customers. Download and share our mobile app called the ‘Insurance Wallet’ that helps you buy and manage your policies at the click of your fingertips.

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