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Bike Maintenance Tips
Jun 7, 2017

10 Two Wheeler Maintenance Tips Every Rider Should Know

Our two wheelers are our Man-Fridays. They stick with us through thick and thin, through the traffic blocked roads to the rocky terrains, we use and abuse our two wheelers the most. They save us a lot of time and make our journey on the road comfortable and smooth. When something does so much for us it is important that we respect it back too. Apart from buying two wheeler insurance , maintenance and taking care of the bike parts regularly is the best way to show some love. Here are some useful tips to make sure your bike runs smoothly are: Engine oil check - Always maintain the correct level of engine oil, change it every 3000-5000 km because carbon deposits get accumulated. If not done on time the engine might start consuming more oil for its functioning. Tyre check - Monitoring tyres at least once a week is an integral part of the bike maintenance process. We should always check the tyres for wear and tear, cracks or holes. Along with the aforementioned checks, also regularly check the wheel balance and alignment. Bike chain - The bike chain should not be hanging loose and should be well oiled. They don’t need any other care as they can go on for 30,000 km without any replacement. Fork oil - Fork oil protects the bike from damage on speed breakers and rough roads. It should be checked from time to time and repaired when the mechanic advises. Brake pads - Brake pads need the most attention as the ride depends on it. It is advised to get the brake pads checked every 7000-10000 km and whenever they are thinner than 2mm. Air filter - Due to extreme pollution, air filters clog up very easily in India. Therefore, the air filter should be changed on a regular basis. Maintaining battery - Generally, the batteries last for two years, they should always be charged. After a check and a review from the mechanic, it can be replaced after its shelf life is complete. Clutch adjustment - Clutch is used for changing gears therefore, it is used a lot. It should always be well adjusted and not clenched too much. Over tightened clutches may make you slip and consume a lot of fuel. Spark plugs - They should be checked every 6000-12000 km. They are known to cause a lot of technical snags when overlooked. Riding speed - The best method to keep your bike running in good condition is to always ride at speed of 40-60 km. This not only keeps the bike healthy also reduces fuel consumption. Buying a vehicle is just the beginning. The real pampering happens after you start using it. We go beyond our way to keep our bikes in good condition, whilst we do that we must also keep in mind that two wheeler insurance is equally important too. It is mandatory to opt for two wheeler insurance third party cover but also advisable to purchase comprehensive insurance for shielding you from expenses in case of accidental damage to the bike as well as you.

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  • Vicky - July 22, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    great , helpful information.

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