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Car Insurance for New Drivers
Apr 5, 2021

Guide to Choose Car Insurance for New Drivers

Young drivers are the most excited when it comes to driving a car. Their enthusiasm is unfathomable, where their childhood dreams of whizzing past the traffic finally come true. But that is not all. With your license to drive, one needs to be responsible and mindful of the traffic as well as pedestrians. For this reason, obeying the traffic rules and safety norms is a must.   One such regulation that requires compliance is having car insurance. It is one of the essential things that you should have when learning to drive. Expert drivers have far less probability of experiencing mishaps, yet one prefers to maintain the safety net of a car insurance policy. In fact, there is no option, it is mandatory by law for any vehicle plying on Indian roads to have an insurance.   In case you are a parent and worried about your child learning to drive, buying car insurance online is the way to go ahead. It is an absolute no brainer where you can not only ensure the safety of your child, but also ensure protection for your car.   When it comes to selecting the best car insurance for new drivers, the type of policy is the first question that needs to be addressed.   Types of Motor Insurance   There are two types of policies - Comprehensive and 3rd party car insurance. It is a subjective decision which is a better policy depending on your requirement. But when it comes to new drivers, a comprehensive plan should be preferred over a third-party car insurance. Comprehensive car insurance offers an insurance cover for own-damage along with ensuring third-party liabilities are covered. The own-damage portion covers the damages to your car along with driver protection. This makes it a more secure form of policy over third-party car insurance.   Apart from offering an own damage cover, a comprehensive insurance policy also insures your vehicle from natural as well as man-made perils like fire, floods, theft and more. Also, the cost of repairs of cars can also be extremely high. In such a scenario, if you do not have adequate insurance cover, it might be heavy on your bank account to repay those hefty repair bills. Thus, you should prefer a comprehensive car insurance for new drivers or if you have a new car.   After deciding on the type of insurance policy, next is to determine the coverage of your policy. Also, no one wants to pay a hefty price when buying car insurance plans. Hence, you need to search for the right insurer offering the best car insurance depending on your needs.   Here are some of the factors that determine the premium for your insurance policy -  
  • Model and Make of your vehicle.
  • Location of registration.
  • Type of insurance policy opted for.
  • Any additional coverage selected.
  For the first two points, there isn’t much that can be controlled by you when availing the insurance cover. For the third factor, your choice of whether a comprehensive plan or a third-party car insurance policy shall determine the premium amount. The coverage differs substantially under both plans, but it is up to you to decide what suits you the best. Add-ons to your insurance policy must also be carefully selected. Although add-ons increase the scope of your policy cover, some add-ons might not add value to your peculiar situation. Thus, you must carefully determine your needs and then avail additional insurance cover for the same.   To compare these different features of your insurance policy, you can make use of a car insurance premium calculator. Using this nifty tool, you can compare the various insurance policies that are available and then decide basis your preference and needs. Moreover, this facility is available free of cost so that you can make a suitable choice according to your needs. You can also check the credibility of the insurer before finalising on your policy.

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