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Third-Party Liability Under Two Wheeler Insurance

What is third party two wheeler insurance all about?

Zig-zagging on city roads on your new bike can be exciting. However, the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates at least a Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance policy before you take your mean machine out for the first time.

Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance: What is it?

A Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance policy, also known as liability only insurance, provides coverage for damages caused to a third-party. Simply put, it is a risk cover that would pay out damages (to third-party life or property) and legal liabilities in case your two-wheeler was responsible for it.

Key Advantages of Third-Party Two-wheeler Insurance

This type of policy has on offer the following advantages:

    ✓    Offers financial aid

It provides coverage for liabilities resulting from death or injury to a third-party as well as damages to third-party property.

    ✓    Affordable

It is economical vis-à-vis a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy.

    ✓    Entails minimal paperwork

You can get this policy for yourself without a hassle, considering it doesn’t involve extensive paperwork.

    ✓    Offers peace of mind

You have complete peace of mind in circumstances that could otherwise have been a drain on your finances.

What is covered?

The circumstances wherein a two wheeler insurance third party policy would come into force have been stated below:

-    Death or bodily injury caused to a third-party

-    Damages caused to third-party property

How is it different from a comprehensive policy?

Criteria Third-Party Liability Only Policy Comprehensive Policy
What is it? This is mandatory and takes care of financial damages that you suffer as a result of bodily injury, death and property damage of a third-party Addition of OwnDamage Cover. It provides coverage for losses caused to your two-wheeler as well as death, injuries and property damage of a third-party
What is excluded? Damages caused to your own (insured) vehicle, damages as a result of riding without a helmet or driving in an inebriated state Damages resulting from wear and tear under normal conditions, electrical/mechanical breakdown
Which is more expensive? Comparatively less expensive More expensive because it combines both Third-Party and Own Damage premium
Which is better? Coverage is limited Coverage is extensive

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