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Cover repair and replacement of consumer durable


Repair and Replacement of Consumer Durable under Extended Warranty Insurance Policy

Almost every consumer durable comes with a manufacturing warranty. This warranty mostly remains valid for 6 to for 12 months. Until the warranty period, repair or replacement for manufacturing defects and malfunctioning of the durable is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Extended warranty insurance

Servicing and repair of the product after the completion of the warranty period can be a challenge for many. However, one can still keep the consumer durables warranted by availing extended warranty insurance.

Extended warranty insurance is an additional warranty that a customer can take after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Extended warranties are usually prolonged plans that can continue and remain valid upto 2 to 10 years. Also, the coverage provided by the extended warranty is more comprehensive than an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

Extended warranty insurance covers the cost of repair and replacement of your essential household products like refrigerator, washing machine in case of any manufacturing defect or malfunctioning arising out of mechanical issues.

With extended warranty insurance, the cost of servicing of your valuable durables is also taken care of. This warranty extension plan also covers the cost of repair and replacement, if post the expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty, unforeseen defects or poor workmanship cause the damage or the breakdown of the product.

Important points to note

Needless to say, the maximum claim that can be made is subject to the sum insured in the extended warranty insurance plan. Customarily, the sum insured against a consumer durable, under an extended warranty is equal to the invoice value of that particular product.

It should be noted that the usage of the insured item has to conform to the instructions of the manufacturer. The plan will not cover the costs incurred for its repair or replacement caused by improper handling or usage.

In case of damage or loss of an insured consumer durable, the policyholder needs to inform the insurer about the same, possibly within two weeks from the day of the occurrence of the loss or damage.

With the extended warranty plan, you can now use your appliances and other essential household durables for an extended time, without fretting about out-of-pocket expenses for the repair and replacement.

For more information, visit our Extended Warranty Insurance page.


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