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Indian Driving Licence
Nov 26, 2023

License to Drive: Indian Driving Permits Worldwide

Travelling to an international destination is an exotic experience. Cruising through new cities and towns, exploring new cultures and cuisines, enjoying scenic vistas, and meeting interesting people is what travelling is all about. To experience travelling at its best, having your own rented vehicle is the ideal choice. However, only having a rented vehicle won’t do. You need to ensure you have the valid driving licence permit. Fortunately, the Indian driving licence is valid in multiple countries. With the help of your Indian driving licence, you can explore the following countries and steer the wheels of your travel experience the way you want.

Countries Where the Indian Driving Licence is Valid

Here are the countries where you can drive a car with your Indian driving licence:
  1. United States of America

You can traverse through the vast country of the United States of America with your Indian driving licence for up to a year. However, it is important to ensure your licence is in the English language. If your licence is in an Indian regional language, make sure to get it translated before you start your ride, along with having the right documentation. Additionally, the rules may change from state to state.
  1. United Kingdom

The Indian driving licence is valid in the countries that make up the United Kingdom, mainly England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The licence is valid within the UK for up to a year from the date of entry. Here, too, the licence must be in English. Remember to stick by the local rules, whether you are exploring the scenic lakes of Scotland or traversing through the charming countryside of England.
  1. France

Say ‘Bonjour’ to the different regions of France by driving through them with your Indian driving licence, which is valid for up to a year within the country. However, ensure to translate your driving licence into French before you hit the road, since it is mandatory.
  1. Germany

Want to experience the famous autobahns of Germany for yourself? Your Indian driving licence can allow you to do so, since it is valid in Germany for up to six months. After this period, you will have to apply for an international driving permit. The licence must be in English or German. While driving on the autobahn can be a bucket-list experience, ensure to read up on the rules and regulations surrounding it before getting into the driver’s seat.
  1. Finland

Another European country that accepts the Indian driving licence (under certain conditions) is Finland. However, there are certain requirements to entering and driving within Finland, one of which includes having health insurance. Additionally, if you are entering Finland with a Schengen Visa, you would also need travel insurance. A good travel insurance policy can help you get the right financial help if an unfortunate event occurs while you are travelling. * Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under travel insurance policy.
  1. South Africa

You can use your driving licence within South Africa for up to a year and explore the beautiful country while in the driver’s seat. As with most countries listed above, the driving licence must be in English and is valid for up to a year. A word of caution: Despite being a beautiful country, South Africa can be a bit risky for foreigners. Hence, ensure to be alert and carry a solid travel insurance policy for help in dealing with any unforeseen event. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under travel insurance policy.
  1. Malaysia

Closer to home, Malaysia is another country that accepts the Indian driving licence. It must be in English, or you can have it translated into the Malay language for ease.
  1. Bhutan

The neighbouring country of Bhutan allows Indians with an Indian driving licence to drive within its domains. However, Bhutan being a mountainous country, may have its roads and terrains feeling tricky to ride on for the average driver. So, keep that in mind and prepare accordingly before taking on the wheel.
  1. Singapore

With the Indian driving licence, you can explore the Lion City and other regions within the country of Singapore for up to a year. The licence must be in English, and the driver must be at least 18 years of age.


While the Indian driving licence is valid within these countries, it is important to know their other rules and regulations pertaining to driving. The age limit, speed limit, number of passengers allowed within the vehicle, and so on, must be kept in mind for the country you are planning to travel. There’s a possibility that despite all precautions, some unfortunate event may occur. For such situations and others, it is recommended to have travel insurance. The various benefits of travel insurance can ensure your mind be more at peace, so that you focus on the scenic views ahead of you. * Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under travel insurance policy.   * Standard T&C apply. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale

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