International Day of Families
May 15, 2018

Sustainable Development on this International Day of Families

Every year 15th of May is observed as the International Day of Families. The UN General Assembly in 1993 passed a resolution to celebrate this day every year in the month of May. The idea was to spread awareness about the issues faced by families and to contemplate the importance of family values that bring about social reforms. This year, the International Day of Families is all about promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. Issues such as inclusion of ethnic minorities, families with lower income, immigrants, families having persons with disabilities etc. are the most critical ones. Equality for everyone in the family and society irrespective of gender, financial status, physical differences and caste has to be achieved and promoted on the 15th of this month. Here is how people celebrate and commemorate the International Day of Families across the world. UAE In UAE, people spend time with their families and friends by enjoying at IceLand Water Park in Ras Al Khaima on this day. Amazing rides, largest man-made waterfall and a penguin bay are major attractions for people of very age group. Rock climbing for adults and children on funky structures like dinosaur scales is another social activity that engages people from various back grounds. USA In USA many local UPFs (Universal Peace Federation) organize unique events to bring together people of different cultures and faiths to promote social developments. Events such as potluck meal, playing Frisbee and soccer, an egg and spoon race break the ice and help people mingle with each other. Peace forums, topic discussions, lunch buffets and enjoying ethnic dances are other activities that mark the International Day of Families in USA. Ireland This island in Europe has its own way to celebrate the International Day of Families. Like in 2010, this day was celebrated by inviting loads of schools, organizations and families across Ireland to hold fundraiser. India In India, people from different regions and faiths come together to commemorate this day by participating in various events and activities such as photo booths, games, music and dance performances, watching movies and preparing delicious dishes. Canada In Canada schools remain closed and people spend quality time with friends and family members. They go for dinner, skate, watch films together and participate in crafting. Some families educate children about the non-aided class of the society such as orphaned children, people with disabilities and cancer patients etc. Why don’t you plan your next trip to anyone of these countries around this International Day of Families and get to know the diversities? But before you embark on the wonderful journey allow us to ensure your trip with our exceptional travel policy.

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