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Trip Ideas for Dad on Father's Day
Jun 6, 2021

Father’s Day Travel Ideas – Places to Visit with your Father on Father’s Day

The best way to celebrate Father’s Day is to spend the day with the man himself. If you are thinking about doing something special on this Father’s Day (June 16, 2019), you can plan a small trip with your father to spend some quality time and create memories for a lifetime. Since Father’s Day is celebrated on 3rd Sunday of June, every year, you can plan a weekend trip with your father. Here’re a few ideas for places to visit with your father and make this day special.
  • Visit a historic place – There are numerous historic places in India. You can plan a visit to some historic place like a fort, palace, temple, monument, cave, which is not very far from where you stay. Many palaces and forts have now been converted to lavish hotels, where you can give your father a royal treatment on Father’s Day.
  • Plan an adventurous day – You can plan a trip to Rishikesh and give your dad an adventurous experience of river rafting. Now, your father might not trust your instinct when you reveal this plan to him, but he will eventually agree and you guys will surely have a great fun-filled day splashing water wearing helmets and jackets.
  • Plan a tour of his favorite city – You must have heard stories from your father about his dream city or stories about how he had spent his youth in a city and how those were the best days of his life. You can plan a trip to his favorite city and visit all the places in the city, which are memorable to him.
  • Tour of a film studio – If your father is a big fan of Indian movies, you can take him to the film studios in Mumbai or Ramoji film city in Hyderabad. We’re sure you will cherish the smile he will have on his face during and after your tour is over.
  • Trip to national parks – If your father is a wildlife lover, you should plan a trip to a national park with him on this Father’s Day. There are 110 national parks in India, where you can spend a memorable day with your father on this Father’s Day.
We’re sure that your father will love spending a quality time with you on this Sunday. In today‘s busy world, presents and gifts do not convey what your presence can. We hope that you enjoy this Father’s Day and have a safe and worry-free trip with your father. We recommend that you plan this trip well in advance and do not forget to get an appropriate travel insurance policy before embarking on your journey. Here’s wishing all of you a very Happy Father’s Day!

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