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What You Need to Know About Exploring Canada in 2023?
Mar 31, 2021

Is Travel Insurance Mandatory For Canada?

Planning a family/business trip or a vacation to Canada? Before you go, there are certain things you should be familiar with to have a trouble-free trip. One of the things is carrying valid travel insurance. Travel insurance is a safe investment that provides coverage from various potential risks that can hamper the fun of your trip. Nowadays, several countries like Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Finland, etc. have made it compulsory for the people to carry an insurance cover with them while visiting their country. Here in this article, we will study why different countries motivate people to get travel insurance and is travel insurance mandatory for Canada? Let us find out!

What is the Need for Buying Travel Insurance While Going to Canada?

Canada is an expensive country, especially for Indians. The costs that can incur at the time of emergencies can be huge. Unfortunately, if you get involved in any unpleasant incident, it will be enough to empty up your pockets and spoil the trip. Therefore, it is wiser to get insured and roam freely without keeping any stress in your mind. If you are required to be hospitalized during the trip to Canada, the travel health insurance policy will bear all the expenses towards the hospital bills, prescription drugs, and other medical expenses. Thus, saving you from falling under any financial burden which otherwise would turn out to be more expensive than the cost of flight tickets. A standard travel insurance for Canada generally provides financial assistance towards medical emergencies, illness, accidents, loss of passport or baggage occurred anytime during your trip to Canada. The insurance covers the costs from boarding of the flight till the end of the journey.

Do I Need Medical Insurance to Travel to Canada?

Coming back to our original question, do I need medical insurance to travel to Canada? The straightforward answer is No. There is no official judgement from the Government of Canada that mandates you to have a compulsory medical or travel insurance while coming to Canada. However, the Government of Canada encourages visitors to have health insurance to cover medical costs & other expenses before arriving in the country. It is so that your stay in Canada is pleasant and not worrisome.

Basic Coverage and Exclusions of Travel Insurance in Canada

Though it is not compulsory, it is always advised to purchase travel insurance for Canada because of the availability of various benefits in the policy. Let us now look at the coverages and exclusions that travel insurance offers to its policyholders. What is Included in the Policy:
  • Personal accident cover
  • Loss of passport
  • Medical emergency cover
  • Loss or theft of luggage
  • Reimbursement due to trip cancellation
  • Personal liability
What is Not Included in the Policy:
  • Medical cover for unstable pre-existing diseases.
  • Any claim arising from suicidal attempt, self injury, etc.
  • Claims made for damages due to breach of law and order.

How to Claim for Travel Insurance if Required?

The procedure for claiming travel insurance is extremely simple. As soon as mishappening occurs, inform the insurance company through a call or an e-mail. The customer service executive will get in touch and help you with the claim procedure.


  1. Connect with an agent of the insurance company and inform them about the incident.
  2. Once the authorities are informed, they will begin the investigation for your case.
  3. Your policy will be thoroughly reviewed.
  4. As per your case, damage evaluation will be conducted either by a local agent or through any other medium such as photos, videos, etc.
  5. The claim settlement will be done.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can I purchase travel insurance for my parents visiting me in Canada?
Yes, you can buy travel insurance policies online or offline for your parents.
  1. What is covered in medical evacuation and medical repatriation?
A medical evacuation cover will provide you with the costs of transportation required to take you to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency. Whereas, a medical repatriation cover will arrange for the transportation needed to translocate the insured person to his residential country.
  1. Can I purchase travel insurance if I have diabetes or hypertension?
You can buy travel insurance in case you are suffering from diabetes or hypertension. However, you have to disclose it to your insurer while buying the policy.


Is travel insurance mandatory for Canada? NO. However, we still recommend you to buy one while travelling to Canada due to the multiple advantages a travel insurance policy offers. Accidents can happen without notice, so it is always wise to stay a step ahead and secure yourself from such unforeseen expenses. You can connect with our insurance expert to know more about insurance policy for Canada also checkout travel insurance for senior citizens offered by Bajaj Allianz General insurance.

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