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Overseas Travel Insurance for Student
Jun 3, 2021

Importance of Overseas Travel Insurance For A Student Wanting To Study Abroad

The joy of getting through the toughest of exams and flying towards your dreams is indeed overwhelming. Along with the excitement, there’s a lot of anxiety and qualms at the back of our head regarding our life away from the comforts of our home. Before you pack your bags and leave for a new beginning, here is why you should definitely buy travel insurance.

A student in a foreign land can encounter many difficult situations. Some of them are listed below.

You Are Stuck in a Violent Situation

Life is uncertain! You might encounter anything. What if you’re just hanging out and get injured in an agitated protest? A travel insurance will cover for all your medical expenses in such an emergency. Medical and emergency dental coverage provides funds for medical treatments and reimbursements if you have to shell out money from your pocket. The emergency evacuation coverage pays and arranges for a safe evacuation when you cannot get medical care at a particular place. This, however, is the decision of the insurance company depending on the patient’s condition.

You are Hospitalized

 Being alone in a hospital is bad but being alone in a hospital in a foreign land is even worse. Your insurance provider can inform your status to your closed ones and can even arrange for getting a family member to you. ‘Family Visit’ cover will get one of your family members to you in case you are hospitalized.

You Lose Your Passport

Imagine losing your passport while you are shopping outdoors! Your travel insurance will reimburse for the expenses to get the passport.

You/Your Sponsor Suffer From a Terminal Illness

If you are unable to continue with your education because of any terminal illness or your sponsor dies accidentally or suffers from a disease and is unable to pay the fees, under the ‘accident to sponsor’ cover the travel insurance company will reimburse the tuition fees for that particular term.

Travel insurance has become very important for all the students in today’s times. Do take a look at best student travel insurance plans if you are planning to travel to your dream destination for further studies!


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